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March 10   Tapestry Wool (31 full 4oz skeins) - $225 plus shipping Tapestry  
Tapestry Wool (31 full 4oz skeins) - $225 plus shipping Tapestry Wool Yarn 31) 4oz full skeins in a variety ofariety of colors and 1 partial skein for $225 plus shipping. Click on the title to see pictures. I would split this up [more]

January 22   Alpaca weaving yarn 
Alpaca weaving yarn on cones. $4.00 an ounce. Email Tamara [more]

January 4   Lantern Moon sea grass tower 
quality Lantern Moon 5 basket tower for storage of yarn and fiber, sea grass woven baskets lined with muslin [more]

January 4   skein winder 
Pop-goes-the-weasel antique skein winder works beautifully for winding your spun yarn into consistent, tanglet, tangle free skeins of 2 yards [more]

January 1   Louet Blending Board 
Barely used blending board with lots of fibers to go with it! $75.00! <br>Location: Sherman TX [more]

November 25   Fiber 
Fiber-y books Books are a "first pass" going throughmy fiber library - because I can't, alas,keep ths,keep them all, wonderful as they are. Unless otherwise noted, they're hardcover. Prices have been checked on Amazon and [more]

November 17   Assortment of brown commercial yarn 
Assortment of brown commercial yarns Varied brown Commercial brown yarns. Mixed fibers including wool, cotton,, cotton, rayon and novelty. Total weight 3.3 lbs. Asking $20 + shipping from central Florida. Please contact Linda [more]

November 17   Natural dyed looped and brushed mohair and fine wool yarn 
Natural dyed looped and brushed mohair and fine wool yarn in shadews of brown Natural dyed looped and brushed brushed mohair and fine wool, dyed using black walnut hulls and varied mordants. Total weight: 33.5 oz. (2 + lbs.) This [more]

November 17   Natural dyed Rug Yarn 
Natural dyed Rug Yarn in various colors Rug wool: This yarn was processed from the same fleece, so the fiber ie fiber is all uniform. Hand-dyed in various colors as listed in the above ads. 6.675 total weight. Asking $65. [more]

November 17   Natural dyed wool and looped mohair in shade of green  
Natural dyed wool and looped mohair in shade of green and neutral Shades of green and neutral were dyed with ged with goldenrod and Queen Ann's lace, with copper mordant. Others were dyed with wild grape leaves. The fiber s include [more]

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