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September 2   jaggerspun wool yarn 
jaggerspun wool yarn For sale: Jaggerspun maineline 100% wool yarn 3/8 navy lot #4353 4-1 pound cones $80.00 b $80.00 bottle green lot#2097 3 1/4 pounds 65.00 cinnabar lot#0648 3/4 pound 15.00 plum lot#5082 1 pound 20.00 magenta [more]

August 29   Organic Llama Yarn  
This organic llama yarn comes from my own llamas and is wonderful to work with! Llama wool is a luxury fiber ay fiber and is exceptionally soft and warm. It is hypoallergenic and is stronger and warmer than traditional wool. Llama [more]

August 22   Fiber 
Fiber Books .sold sold Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry..Simmoms..$13 sold sold All in like new condition ondition shipping Not included in price will ship media mail chilitech .net [more]

August 18   Cotswold Colored Fleeces, freshly shorn 8/18 Freshly shorn (4)  
Cotswold Colored Fleeces, freshly shorn 8/18 Freshly shorn (4) Cotswold colored fleeces. smilingbearnewfandsheewfandsheeplodge. Sorted, little vm. Brown, silver, grey, black. Respectively, 10 lb, 7.5 lb, 7.5 lb, 6 lb. Mix 10/lb. [more]

August 18   Vermont Fiber BLending Boards, Sale 
8/17 Vermont Fiber Blending Boards- On Sale until 9/1 only! These are furniture grade beautiful hardwood hardwood boards made in Vermont one at a [more]

August 10   Mill Ends/Rug Wool Selling assorted mill ends. About 90%  
Mill Ends/Rug Wool Selling assorted mill ends. About 90% natural dyed. Weight is about 43 lbs. Pick up only. Pp only. Please email for more information or to come by. [more]

August 6   fiber barter or trade 
Looking for a 50/50 trade I will card you're washed fiber in return I get same amount of washed fiber in trber in trade [more]

July 23   Vermont Blending Boards $230.00 7/23 For Sale 
Vermont Blending Boards $230.00 7/23 For Sale: Vermont Fiber Blending Boards. These are not the mass produced produced type of boards that are inexpensively available, or boards in a non descript wood. These are furniture grade [more]

July 23   Vermont Blending Boards on sale 
Vermont Blending Boards on sale! Current stock $199.00/$230.00 until 9/1/14.!!! 8/19 Vermont Fiber Blending Boending Boards- On Sale until 9/1 only! For Sale: Vermont Fiber Blending Boards. These are furniture grade beautiful [more]

July 21   Coned mohair rug yarn 
Coned mohair rug yarn for sale rug weavers! I am selling my stash of rug yarn that I had processed. The yarn ihe yarn is a 90% mohair/ 10% wool blend and weaves up beautifully. I have it available in 4 natural colors: white (18.7 [more]

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