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September 11    
Want to buy a used Glimakra Standard bench. My dream bench is a 1980's bench for the Standard that hs aged to honey color to coordinate with my new-to-me Glimakra Standard that has no bench. I am looking for a bench that [more]

September 10   45 Ward Countermarche Loom 
45 Ward Countermarche Loom For Sale " Lovely maple 8 shaft 10 treadle loom with texsolv heddles. Incudes 2 reeds, shuttles, lease sticks, a plain but sturdy bench. Located at Vernon, BC. Will consider delivering a [more]

September 10   Gilmore Loom 
Gilmore Loom for sale. Located inAstoria Oregon. 8 harnesses, 46 weaving width, comes with a GilmoreBench, heddles, 1 reed.$2,000.Contact Margaret [more]

September 9   54" Fireside floor loom 
54" Fireside floor loom, oak, 8 harness, 12 treadle, 2 warping beams with matching bench. Will also nclude everything "weaving" I have including misc. reeds, rug stretcher, 7 boat shuttles, 13 flat shuttles (some [more]

September 9   Artisat Loom 
Artisat Loom 36" Leclerc Artisat loom, 12 dent stainless steel reed, bench and some accessories, forsale. $325. obo. The Loom is located in Pembroke, Ontario, but can deliver a reasonable distance. Pictures [more]

September 9   Sabina Loom 
Sabina Loom and accessories for sale Sabina Folding Loom - 45" for sale. I have too many "fiber-y" peces of equipment and need some room. Sabina includes (2) reeds 10-12 dent, bench with tensioning box and spool rack. I [more]

September 8   fs: Schacht dt Cherry Matchless I am selling the wheel 
fs: Schacht dt Cherry Matchless I am selling the wheel and its original equipment (4 bobbins, adjustble strap, Schacht kate, threading hook, and 2 whorls - medium and fast). I am also selling a bulky flyer package (never [more]

September 8    
gilmakra $900 100cm (39 inch) 4 shaft/6 treadle counter-balance . Comes with 10 dent reed, texsolv hddles, a raddle, an additional back beam (and attachments for it) and what looks like the potential for extending the [more]

September 8   Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel 
Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel for sale. Pick up only; located in Connecticut. In good condition. ncludes stool, two whorls, six bobbins, lazy kate, and threading needle. [more]

September 8   Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel 
Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel for sale. Pick up only; Windsor, Cnnecticut. In good condition. Includes stool, two whorls, six bobbins, lazy kate, and threading needle. Asking $550.00. [more]

September 8   Timbertops Sherwood wheel 
Timbertops Sherwood wheel for sale I am selling my cherished wheel made by Jim Williamson in the mid80s. It is fast, comfortable, and beautiful. Double treadle, right hand flyer Drive wheel is 31 inches in diameter [more]

September 6   45" floor loom 
45" floor loom with bench, LeClerc "Nilus" (4-harness, 6-treadle, Jack-type loom), Includes raddle &lease sticks, 3 reeds (8, 10 & 12 dent), extra heddles, 5 boat shuttles with bobbins, LeClerc hand bobbin winder, LeClerc [more]

September 6    
Louet s-10 I am selling a Louet s-10. Single treadle with 4 of the old style bobbins. 2 are the stanard bobbins for that wheel and 2 are the faster ratios. Each bobbin has 2 speeds. I purchased this wheel new in the box [more]

September 6   This loom 
This loom was donated to our our organization to sell at our annual festival and sale to raise moneyto help people worldwide. We put the loom together as best we could and I'm not sure of the age or what is missing. [more]

September 6   Triangle loom 
Triangle loom.Contact Teri by e-mail.E WA, BC, [more]

September 5   J-Made 8-shaft 30 table loom 
J-Made 8-shaft 30 table loom converted to floor loom, $400 obo. Comes with 2 reeds, extra wire heddls, cord, original levers for using as table loom, crank, raddle. Located in Mount Vernon, WA. Contact Jessamyn [more]

September 4    
Looking for a used 36" LeClerc Fanny, 4 harness. Prefer an older model. Willing to pay a reasonable rice and pick up within a day's driving distance of NE Ohio. A sectional beam would be like a dream come [more]

September 3   46" Kessenich Floor Loom 
46" Kessenich Floor Loom For Sale Large Kessenich Floor Loom for sale. 4 harness, 6 treadle. Complet and in excellent working order. Excellent loom for general weaving yet sturdy enough for rug making. 46" weaving width. [more]

September 3   Looking for a 36" LeClerc Fanny 4h6t counterbalance loom 
Looking for a 36" LeClerc Fanny 4h6t counterbalance loom Hello I am looking for a 36" Leclerc Fanny h6t counterbalance loom in weaving condition. I am located in ne Ohio, and willing to drive a day or more to pick up the [more]

September 2   jaggerspun wool yarn 
jaggerspun wool yarn For sale: Jaggerspun maineline 100% wool yarn 3/8 navy lot #4353 4-1 pound cone $80.00 bottle green lot#2097 3 1/4 pounds 65.00 cinnabar lot#0648 3/4 pound 15.00 plum lot#5082 1 pound 20.00 magenta [more]

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