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May 25   Almost new Gilmore loom 
8 Shaft 46" Gilmore compact model floor loom with bench, very good condition, barely used. 12 treadls, metal heddles, plain warp beam, 6 dent stainless steel reed, additional reeds available. [more]

May 25   Harrisville Designs floor loom 
4 shaft, Harrisville Designs 22" floor loom. 4 treadles. warp and cloth beams fold. Plain beam. Jac loom. Very good condition. 20" stainless steel 10 dent reed, metal heddles. [more]

May 25   Nilus, Leclerc floor loom, 36 
I need to sell my 36" Lecleric floor loom. Comes with bench, warping board, thread, books and extas.
Location: [more]

May 25   Wonderful old Danish loom for sale! 
Anders Lervad & Son 12 shaft countermarche loom with attached bench, $350. Weaves approx 46" wide. 2reeds, metric 90/10-146 (quite fine), and 5 1/4 (quite coarse). Wood and braking systems good. This is a terrific bargain [more]

May 21   24" Beka Rigid Heddle Loom 
24" Beka Rigid Heddle Loom with Adjustable Stand $220 For sale is a 24" Beka Rigid Hedlle Loom with tand. These looms are great for beginners and are also used by professionals. Leightweight and portable. Unique to the [more]

May 21   Louet David For Sale 
Louet David For Sale I have a Louet David floor loom for sale. 8 h/ 10/t, 70 cm (27 5/8 inches) wide Sinking shed with over slung beater. Friction break, extra string heddles. Comes with instructional video, matching [more]

May 20   Rug loom 
Rug loom with shaft switching Weaver's Delight 40 inch cam loom with shaft switching platform based n Peter Collingwood's design. 70 levers, heavy insert eye heddles, 8,10 and 12 dent reeds. All accessories original to [more]

May 19   Free Ullman Counter Marche Loom 
Free Ullman Counter Marche Loom. This is a beautiful loom, 8 harness counter marche loom that needs ome restoration. I got if for free thinking I would restore it and now it can be yours for the same price! There is some [more]

May 19   Macomber Loom 
Macomber Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Pineville, Louisiana $750 Needs Work Ad-A-Harness B4 loom by L.W. Mcomber for parts or repair. I think it could be brought back easily. I have more [more]

May 19   Union 36 Loom 
Union 36 Loom. A great work horse of a loom especially good for weaving rugs. The loom is in workingcondition with a 36 weaving width, 2 harness counter balance, new metal heddles and new 12 dent reed, manual included. It [more]

May 19   Vintage Cranbrook Loom 
Vintage Cranbrook Loom. Beautiful four harness Cranbrook counter marche loom made of solid maple wit solid brass hardware. It has a weaving width of 43, a new 12 dent reed, Texsolve heddles and tie ups, a manual and a [more]

May 17   10" Cricket Loom 
10" Cricket Loom for sale 10" Schacht Cricket loom with 8-dent reed, warping peg, clamps and 2 stickshuttlesfor sale for $140 plus [more]

May 17   8-Shaft/12-Treadle gilmore Loom 
8-Shaft/12-Treadle gilmore Loom 45" for sale 8-shaft/12-treadle Glimore loom with 45"weaving width ad one reed. Includes 2" sectional back beam with one yard circumference, as well as a second 2"sectional back beam. Email [more]

May 17   Ashford Extra Wide Tapestry Loom 
-$300.00 -Weaving space 29 in x 40 in. -Warping is quick and easy with the revolving frame and tenion [more]

May 17   avl Warping Wheel 
avl Warping Wheel with Cross Maker for sale avl Warping Wheel with cross maker for sale in central/S Arkansas. Email for photos or more information. [more]

May 17   Schacht Baby Wolf 8-shaft Loom 
Schacht Baby Wolf 8-shaft Loom for sale New Schacht Baby Wolf 8-shaft 10-treadle loom for sale in cetral/SW Arkansas. Includes bench, 5 reeds, stroller, trap and raddle. $2400. Email for [more]

May 16   Louet Loom 
Louet Weave Width:28" Shafts:More than 16 Rockland, Idaho $3850 Good Louet Magic Dobby Loom 28" floo-table loom. 24 shaft. The shafts can be lifted by either the treadle or lifting lever. Both the cloth storage and warp [more]

May 16   Unknown Loom 
Unknown Weave Width:56 Shafts:More than 16 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $5600 Very Good Seems to be a yrus Oxaback, or close analogue. 16 harness, comes with 2 sets of frames, one metal, one original set of string heddles. [more]

May 15   4 Harness 40 Gilmore Floor Loom 
4 Harness 40 Gilmore Floor Loom with Bench. 38 Weaving Width; Texsolv Tie-up System; used only 5 tims. $1,000. OR With 4 Full Width Reeds:6, 8, 10, 12. $1,200 .Must pick up on Whidbey Island, Washington. Contact Cheryl [more]

May 15   Louet Loom 
Louet Weave Width:27 5/8 Shafts:8 Randolph, VT $2200 Excellent I have a Louet David floor loom for sle. 8 H/ 10/T, 70 cm (27 5/8 inches) wide. Sinking shed with over slung beater. Friction break, extra string heddles. [more]

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