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October 23   Harrisville 36" Maple 4 harness loom 
Price Reduced! A 36" maple Harrisville 4-harness loom with 6 treadles. Not sure how many heddles andthere is no bench. Asking $1050. Willing to meet someone 1/2 way, up to 1-2 hrs out. Also willing to look into shipping [more]

October 23   Leclerc 12 harness loom 
Price Reduced! This is a Colonial Leclerc with 12 harnesses and 14 treadles. It was bought in mid-190s and is in excellent condition. Here are the [more]

October 21   Ashford 32 rigid heddle Loom 
Ashford 32 rigid heddle Loom, comes with 4 heddles in size 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5. Also includes lease ticks, stick shuttle and a few other accessories. No stand. $350 for all.Contact [more]

October 21   Belfast Mini Mill for sale 
I am selling two items never used in original boxes from Belfast Mini Mill due to change in circumstnces. Items located in Cottage Grove, 20 minutes from Eugene Oregon. Items [more]

October 21   Norwood Loom 
Norwood Weave Width:46 inch Shafts:4 Yorkville, IL $2500 Excellent 46" width - 4 harness - 6 treadle. Comes with the Norwood bench and with the loom fully warped. Additionally, the loom and bench comes with extra nylon [more]

October 21   Saori Loom 
Saori Weave Width:23" Shafts:2 Houston, Tx $1200 Excellent Saori WX60 - All wood, 2 harness loom - 40 wire heddles. Built in bobbin winder. Boat shuttle. Excellent condition. Willing to deliver within 50 miles in Houston. [more]

October 20   ashford traditional Spinning Wheel 
ashford traditional Weave Width: Shafts: Cromwell, CT $300 Very Good Ashford Traditional, wonderful heel, new jumbo flyer, all new brake, knobs, bobbins etc. Willing to drive in [more]

October 20   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:22 inch Shafts:4 Cromwell, CT $600 Very Good Leclerc 22 inch, 4 shaft table loomwith stand (no treadles), has swinging beater, wonderful small sturdy [more]

October 20   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:48" Shafts:8 Prescott, Arizona $2775 Very Good 48" Schacht high castle oak loom ith 12 treadles, adjustable Schacht bench with a bag at both ends. There are four reeds: 36 1/2" 5-dent reed, a 45" 10 [more]

October 19    
LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio $200 Very Good LeClerc weaving bench..pickup only [more]

October 19   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Columbiana, Ohio $550 Very Good Leclerc Artisat 4 H 6 T . 36" floorloom. Shuttles,sley [more]

October 19   Macomber Loom 
Macomber Loom 56" Macomber Loom. 56 " weaving width with 8 harnesses (custom frame can take up to 16harnesses). Sectional 1 yard back beam and bench. Purchased new in 1996 from Macomber. Sells new for $5865 with extras. [more]

October 19   Norwood workshop loom 
Norwood workshop loom Weave Width:24" Shafts:4 Columbiana, Ohio $595 Very Good Workshop loom with whels,includes shuttles,sley [more]

October 18   54" fireside Walnut Weaving Loom 
54" fireside Walnut Weaving Loom 54" fireside Walnut Weaving Loom, 8 harness, double back beam (one ectional and one plain), double breaks, 12 treadles, including extra reeds and accessories, and walnut commuter bench. I [more]

October 18   Structo Loom 
Structo Weave Width:26 Shafts:4 Papalote, TX $400 Excellent Structo tabletop loom, Model 705-7986. Te weaving width is 26 inches and the levers face you. This loom has been completely restored - maple wood has been [more]

October 17   15� Dorothy LecLerc Weaving Loom 
15" Dorothy LecLerc Weaving Loom, 4 Harness, Extra reeds included. A perfect loom for taking a class Asking $275. Retiring from weaving - I'm selling all my weaving equipment, tools, looms and yarn. Ellicott City, [more]

October 17   26� NORRIS (PURRINTON design) 4 harness Weaving Loom 
26" NORRIS (PURRINTON design) 4 harness Weaving Loom, 6 treadle, and extra reeds included. This loomfolds and is easy to transport or store. A perfect loom for demonstrating or taking a class. Asking $450. Retiring from [more]

October 17   54� FIRESIDE Walnut Weaving Loom 
54" FIRESIDE Walnut Weaving Loom, 8 harness, double back beam (one Sectional and one plain), double reaks, 12 treadles, including extra reeds and accessories, and walnut commuter bench. I paid $3800. in 1984 replacement [more]

October 17   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:60 Shafts:12 Indiana, PA $1300 Excellent Huge inventory of looms etc. 8', 24" 5'looms,2 benches, warping mill, spool rack, warp counter, extra reeds, bobbin winder, books, box of warp, spinning wheel, [more]

October 16   Newcomb Loom 
Newcomb Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Westpoint, Indiana $200 Adequate Four harness, probably a 48" weave. ncludes the bill of sale, the envelope with the picture on the front SOMEONE has removed all four of the uprights that [more]

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