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November 28   Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel 
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel Ahford Traditional double drive with Scotch Tension Option. Threebobbins, lazy Kate, one pair of combs and illustrated booklet on spinning. Stained Early American and polyurethaned. [more]

November 28   Cherry Norwood 4 harness Jack loom 
Cherry Norwood 4 harness Jack loom 40 inch weaving width with sectional warping beam. 39" high, 37" eep and 48.5" wide when open. 45.5" high, 28" deep and 48.5" wide when folded. Can be folded when threaded. Lots of [more]

November 26   Harrisville Loom 
Harrisville Designs 22" Floor Loom (4 Harness/6 Treadle). Excellent condition. Includes accessorie [more]

November 25   Check out our looper loom 
Schacht Baby Wolf 4 H like new with bench, original assembly papers, book ,texsolv and wire heddles,2 sets, stroller, trap tray new in package, box of Handwoven mags, excellent value $1150 NE [more]

November 25   Harrisville folding floor loom 
Harrisville folding floor loom.Weaving width 22". Four harnesses. Jack action-Rising shed. Height 42. Floor space 28"x32". Weight 48 lbs. Flat steel heddles. Reeds 8 and 10. Good condition [more]

November 25   Looking for Majacraft Aura 
Looking for a lightly used Majacraft Aura spinning wheel, ideally with overdrive and high-speed heas. Beginning community-based wool venture with no money to [more]

November 25   Louet Octado Loom 
For Sale: $3,000.00 Louet Octado 8- shaft loom with electronic dobby interface. 36" width. Purchase new in 2003. Excellent condition. Treadling this loom is easy and light - just one [more]

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE: Glimarka umbrella swift . New in package. $79 plus postage . NE Ohio email 1-25Swedish bobbin winder.New. $95 plus postageNE [more]

November 25   Nilart" Leclerc 8 harness loom 
Nilart" Leclerc 8 harness loom, Asking $1200.00, includes large Leclerc bench with storage, 10 dent nd 8 dent reeds, raddle, lease sticks. Bench is $478.00 new! Loom weaves up to 46" in the reed. Measures 56" to each side [more]

November 25    
Schacht warping mill . Horizontal. New . With new warping paddle. $325 plus postage. NE Ohio [more]

November 25   Two complete Weavers Delight looms 
Two complete Weavers Delight looms for sale. Both in good condition. Used for weaving rag rugs. 4 haness, 36 wide, comes with a full set of canisters, red pony, and accessories. These are heavy and cannot be shipped. [more]

November 25   Weaving loom 
Weaving loom helper . Front casters . 2 shelves. Holds accessories . $65 plus shipping NE Ohio [more]

November 24   Beautiful, barely used4-harness Le Clerc Floor Loom 
Beautiful, barely used4-harness Le Clerc Floor Loom. The loom is located in Beaverton, OR and must b picked up. Priced $850.00 to sell before Christmas. E-mail me " this loom wont last [more]

November 24   Two Weavers Delight floor looms 
Two Weavers Delight floor looms. Used to weave rag rugs, 4H, 36 wide. Good condition, come with caniters and Red Pony. Asking $1,000. for both. Too heavy to ship. Located in Central IN. Email [more]

November 23   11-2348" AVL Production Dobby Loom 
11-2348" AVL Production Dobby Loom for sale by original owner. 16-harness loom manufactured in 1989,accompanied by original AVL manual. Features mechanical dobby head, bottom swing beater, single box flyshuttle, 1-yard [more]

November 23   Hansencrafts Mini Spinner for Sale 
Hansencrafts Mini Spinner for Sale Barely used Hansencrafts bubinga wood electric spinner with WooLe Winder and two extra WooLee Winder bobbins, also of bubinga wood.. Works wonderfully. Just not enough time for all my [more]

November 23   Leclerc Dorothy, 15 3/4" four harness hand operated table loom 
Leclerc Dorothy, 15 3/4" four harness hand operated table loom. The loom was used for many years andshows signs of use but nothing is broken and it works perfectly. There are small rust spots on the top of one of the [more]

November 23   Schacht Baby Wolf Loom 
Schacht Baby Wolf Loom with 2nd back beam for $900 Schacht Baby Wolf loom with 4 shafts (not 4n/4l) n excellent condition from pet free and smoke free environment. Includes a second back beam with its own separate [more]

November 23   Swedish, four shaft counterbalance floor loom 
Swedish, four shaft counterbalance floor loom, Size: Height 150cm, width 135cm, depth ~136cm. Brand:AKTIEBOLAGET, John A. Thulin, NORRKÖPING SWEDEN. Condition: Fair, some repairs carried out (full set of photos [more]

November 23   Tools of the Trade 45", 8 harness, 10 treadle Jack Loom 
Tools of the Trade 45", 8 harness, 10 treadle Jack Loom, excellent condition. Used and loved. It is umbered #141. I believe it was handmade around the mid-to late 70s of kiln-dried northern rock maple. The heddles are in [more]

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