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February 27   Wanted: Gilmore Gem 8H 
Wanted, good condition gilmore gem or 24" loom. shipped to or ability to pick up from northern va... [more]

February 22   8 harness Gilmore Jack loom 
36" Gilmore, bench, and extras $2000 obo [more]

February 19    
36 LeClerc Nilus. 4 shafts. Approx 200 flat steel heddles/shaft. This older version does not have a olding back beam so is exceptionally sturdy and is in excellent condition. Comes with 10-dent reed, lease sticks, 2 boat [more]

February 19   36 Schacht Spindle Co standard floor loom 
36 Schacht Spindle Co standard floor loom. 4 harness, low castle, maple loom in excellent condition.Includes 2 reeds:8 and 12. $1200 OBO. Contact Dinah by e-mail. Located in Spokane, [more]

February 18   Working Union Rug Loom and Supplies for Sale  
$600 Union Rug Loom and Supplies for Sale- In working Condition This lot is great for a beginningweaver! [more]

February 17   Norwood Loom 
The Norwood Loom, very good condition. Used by Jeanetta Jones (Author of Embroidery Weave Workshop 176 and Embroidery Weaves for Linens 1966) Has been stored in our basement since she passed away in 2004. Jeanetta [more]

February 15   Check out our looper loom 
Check out our looper loom potholder kits and refills, great for all ages! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 48" 4 Harness "X" style Gilmore for sale. This loom folds up to less than 24" one reed included. I am asking [more]

February 15   Schacht 25" Baby Wolf Loom 
Schacht 25" Baby Wolf Loom, 4 Shaft, in maple, with a Schacht 4.5 yard Warp Board. An excellent loomthat folds up to a very small footprint, this handy and hardy loom none-the-less has all the capabilities of a larger [more]

46" 8-SHAFT SCHACHT STANDARD CHERRY LOOM with matching cherry bench for sale. High castle style withtool tray on top. Comes with 2 reeds (6 and 15 dent), raddle, over 1000 inserted eye heddles and 2 large temples (one [more]

February 14   Beautiful cherry custom made 8 harness loom 
Beautiful cherry custom made 8 harness loom: 14 treadles, weaving width 40" with pegged back beam. Lom dimensions: height 62": width 52" length 54" The matching bench measures Lenght 29": width 12": height 29". This loom [more]

February 14    
LeClerc Nilus 45", 12-H, 14-T, 48" wide, 56" high. All New Heddles and new ties, 10-D reed. Castle i easy to remove for adding heddles. Bench is made for this loom so it fits close to the breast beam and makes it easy to [more]

February 14   Looking for a used rigid heddle loom 
Looking for a used rigid heddle loom for a smart bright little boy. Not a toy but a loom that I can each him how to do wider pieces. Looking to spend $100. Must be shipped to me in Hawaii. Thank you. Norrin [more]

February 14   Schacht Baby Wolf loom 
Schacht Baby Wolf loom for sale, 26" weaving width, 4-shaft with 6 treadles. Includes Schacht bench has a few stains), and 4 reeds: 8, 10, 12 and 15- dent. The 8-dent reed has some rust, but has been sanded, and the other [more]

February 14   Structo 8 harness table loom 
Structo 8 harness table loom and stand. Comes with a 10 dent reed, one stick shuttle, one boat shutte, bobbin and is warped. Weaves up to 26 inches wide. In very good condition. $350.00. Pick up only near Knoxville, [more]

February 14   Wanted - Reed for 25" Rasmussen table loom 
Wanted - Reed for 25" Rasmussen table loom. Rachel Kammeyer [more]

February 11   Floor Loom with implements 
selling for $950 OBO measurements 47.5" x 37" x 37" 4 heddles 6 pedals constructed by locl [more]

February 11    
I have a large flock of Icelandic sheep and, therefore, have an abundance of Icelandic fleece availale. My fleece is well skirted and the prices per ounce are as follows:$1/oz for excellent fleece, .75cents/oz for really [more]

February 11    
Nancys Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder NIB $250 including postage in the Lower 48 StatesThe ball inder will hold up to 1 lb of wound yarn. Smooth action, this ball winder is New and in the original box.Check, money [more]

February 10   50" Cherry Wood Norwood Loom 
Norwood LoomI LOVE this loom, but it doesn't get used, so I'm selling it. It's a 50" floor loom by Nrwood, 4 harness and 6 treadles, made of cherry wood with a sectional beam. It comes with a-60 count spool holder 2 reeds [more]

February 10   Herald Jack Loom 
Herald floor jack loom. 4 harness, 6 treadle, with 12 dent reed, large sectional beam, and 36" weavig width. $300 pick up only in Salem, [more]

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