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February 21   Rick Reeves Walnut Spinning Wheel 
Mid 1980's Rick Reeves handmade Saxony 19"spinning wheel. Created from solid Iowa black walnut- pric $1300. signed and placarded by Rick Reeves. excellent condition. Accept PayPal. NO cashiers checks.
Location: Boone, [more]

February 18   AVL Warping Wheel 
AVL Weave Width: Shafts: Venice, Florida $475 Excellent I have a barely used AVL warping wheel. It cmes with a cross maker (extra accessory no longer available AFAIK), and full instructions for assembly and use (it's [more]

February 18   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 New York, NY $950 Very Good Leclerc jack-type floor loom, 48 inches eaving width, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, in very good condition. It has 10-dent reed. It folds the back beam part so it gets [more]

February 17   22" LeClerc Minerva 8 shaft 10 treaadle 
For sale I have my LeClerc Minerva Loom - 8 shafts and 10 treadles. The loom is in very good conditon, but I just don't time for it any [more]

February 17   Bergman Loom 
Bergman Loom.8 shafts, 10 treadles, countermarche style, 45weaving width, two full width reeds (10 ad 12 dent), string heddles,metal rachet and pawl brakes. Made of solid fir and maple wood.Matching bench with storage. [more]

February 17   Glimakra 60" Standard horizontal countermarch loom 
Glimakra 60" Standard horizontal countermarch loom It is time to downsize and so, reluctantly, am selling my beautiful Glimakra Standard loom. This is a real gem of a loom! Original owner. Purchased in Norway in the [more]

February 17   Harrisville Loom 
Harrisville Weave Width:22 Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio $550 Excellent Harrisville Design 22" 6 Treadle.Sectional back beam and comes with a smooth back beam as an accessory. Loom folds for transporting, has a raddle, lease [more]

February 17   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio $595 Very Good Leclerc Artisat 4 H 6 Treadle 36" weaing width, comes with shuttles, lease sticks, 2 aprons back and front, copy of original paperwork, sley hook. Loom folds [more]

February 17   Louet Loom 
Louet Weave Width:36 Shafts:8 W Palm Beach, FL $4000 New The Louet SPRING loom, countermarche and sping tensioned breast beam for perfect warp tensioning and huge sheds. Completely assembled, never used, includes bench, [more]

February 17   Structo Loom 
Structo Weave Width:8" Shafts:8 Columbiana,Ohio $395 Very Good From an estate, 8 H metal Structo in ery good condition, works smoothly. Little bit of wear on top of castle,comes with variety of shuttles, patterns, Atwater [more]

February 17   Tromp 'n' Treadle 
Spinning wheel in excellent condition w/flax staff. #47 built in 1978, single owner. Make an offer. ick up only.
Location: Grand Ledge, [more]

February 16   X Folding Gilmore Loom 
4 shaft with bench excellent condition 850.00 This loom is in excellent condition. It comes with a bnch and lots of extra tools. I had this loom for about two years and fine I don't have the time for a new [more]

February 15   Beautiful custom-made oak loom 
Beautiful custom-made oak loom bench. Seat is 23.5" high, 42" wide. Center seat area liftsup for storage and there is open storage on each side of seat. Picture available on request. Located inSalem, [more]

February 15   Gilmore Loom 
Gilmore Weave Width:42-44" Shafts:4 San Diego, California $1500 Excellent Gilmore floor loom, 46" For-harness, compact, Extra heddles (new, never used). Bench with two side compartments. [more]

February 15   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Pawling, NY $600 Excellent Excellent condition and ready to be used.No water damage or any other issues. Brand new treadle cords. 100+ heddles per shaft. One 15 dent reed in good condition. [more]

February 15   Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft, parallel countermarch loom 
Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft, parallel countermarch loom; 43" (110 cm) weaving width, texsolv heddle. Includes 3 reeds, original loom manual and additional accessories. Excellent condition. Located inSalem, Oregon [more]

February 14   Kessenich 4 Shaft Floor Loom 
Kessenich 4 Shaft Floor Loom Selling a very nice, great starter Kessenich 4 shaft 42" weaving width ack floor loom. This sturdy loom is made of solid oak with a very nice finish and has canvas aprons on front and back [more]

February 14   Unknown Loom 
Unknown Weave Width:42 Shafts:4 winter Haven, fl $300 Very Good New weaver looking for a 4 or 8 shaf floor loom. Willing to pay 300 or more depending on brand and [more]

February 13   4 harness Leclerc floor loom 
4 harness Leclerc floor loom, all in good working order. Its 36, has 6 peddles. Adjustable weavers bnch. Warping board. 15 Shuttles, 11 bobbins, 4 picks, 2 books, slats, an extra reed, and a bunch of wire heddles. Great [more]

February 13   AVL Loom 
AVL Weave Width:60" Shafts:16 Port Ludlow, WA $3700 Very Good 1986 compudobby in working order with omputer and accessories used for light production work for about 20 years. Well cared for. I retired a few years ago and [more]

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