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March 21   Schact cherry wood 36" floor loom and bench 
Schact 36" 8 shaft, 10 treadle solid cherry wood floor loom with matching bench. 8 years old, rarelyused. Kept inside and well-maintained. Comes with a large box of extra shuttles, temples, heddles and more. Orig $3,000 [more]

March 17   Loom 
Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom $500 located in Seattle, WA. Beautiful 4 shaft 6 treadle. Loomcraft 40 inch waving width with matching bench. Has been well maintained and used regularly. Professionally converted by woodworker to a [more]

March 15   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Holly, Michigan $1500 Very Good Nilus LeClerc Fanny II 4-Harness/6 readle Counterbalance Loom 45" Weaving width (55" Overall). Overall condition is aged, but mechanically very sound. I [more]

March 14   6 LeClerc Nilus floor loom 
6 LeClerc Nilus floor loom4 shaft,6 treadle,36 weaving width.Approx. 47 wide x 44 high x 39 deep.Nees a reed. I bought this from my school, theyd just gotten a donation of new looms in, and they couldnt fit them all. I [more]

March 13    
LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbus, Indiana $130 Like new LeClerc spool rack. Holds 20 or more spols depending on spool length. Center post pivots to allow placement of spools. Has folding back leg so rack stands [more]

March 13   Schacht Loom 
Schacht width: 18', harnesses: 8 Port Townsend, WA $900 Excellent Schacht Wolf pup 8.10 8 harness, Sould be in Excellent/very good shape preferably with extras like double back beam, wolf trap, shuttles, dents, warping [more]

March 13   Studio Handcraft Loom 
Studio Handcraft width: 24, harnesses: 8 Huntington Beach, CA $275 Good Table loom with stand. Loom as refurbished and works well. 10 DPI reed.. Included stand is hand made similar to manufacture design. Local pick up [more]

March 12   Schacht Loom 
Schacht width: 26", harnesses: 4 Chesapeake, Virginia $1500 Very Good This 26" Schacht 4 shaft/ 6 tradle harness loom baby wolf comes with a lot of extras including a bench, shuttles, lease sticks and a warping frame. I [more]

March 10   Handmade Loom 
Handmade width: 48, harnesses: 4 Franklin, West Virginia $3000 Good Unique loom and equipment. Inclues a heavy duty solidly built mostly oak loom with a rack of warp that provides a continuous feed with no rewarping [more]

March 10   Rare Pat Green Carding machine 
This carding machine was bought new in 1994 and is very lightly used. I have no need for it and woud like to sell it. I am pricing it at $500. but will entertain offers.
Location: [more]

March 9   Leclerc four harness table loom 
Leclerc four harness table loom. 24 inch weaving width. Includes 1 reed. Located in Kelowna, BritishColumbia. $200.00 Please contact by [more]

March 6   Cranbrook Loom 
Cranbrook width: 72 inch, harnesses: 8 Pittsboro, NC $3700 Good Cranbrook Countermarch Loom/J.P. Bexl & Son, 72" weaving width, 8 locking harness/ 10 treadle, double back beam, 72" 4 dent SS reed, warping sticks in [more]

March 6   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc width: 36, harnesses: 4 Pittsboro, NC $475 Good Nilus model Leclerc Loom. 36" weaving width harness 6 treadle, 12 dent reed, Leclerc bench, the seat is split but I've used it that [more]

March 5    
Glimakra Warping Reel, $300, Boise, Idaho area, pickup preferred due to weight. The warping reel wil give you an accurately wound warp for easier beaming onto your warp beam. Both short and long warps can be wound on the [more]

March 4   Rick Reeves Spinning wheel  
Rick Reeves spinning wheel for sale, with bobbin. I had good intentions of learning but never got t it. [more]

February 28   Norwood, Schacht, others Loom 
Norwood, Schacht, others width: 36, harnesses: 8 Bloomington, IN $1000 Excellent I am looking for an8 shaft floor loom between 32"-40". Open to brands, but Norwood or Schacht, something similar to either of those. I [more]

February 27   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra width: 43", harnesses: 12 Sandpoint, ID $2900 Very Good 43" Glimakra Horizontal Countermarc. Ten shafts, 12 treadles all new Texsolv tie ups and heddles. Shaft holders, shaft pins, warping sticks, lease sticks [more]

February 27   LeClerc Voyageur 16 shaft table loom 
LeClerc Voyageur 16 shaft table loom with stainless steel 12 dent reed, 24 weaving width, only 8 monhs old and used only once, includes all original accessories. $1200 .Located in Clinton, Washington.$1200. Please contact [more]

February 27   LeClerc Voyageur 8 shaft table loom 
LeClerc Voyageur 8 shaft table loom, 9.5 weaving width, carry bag, 12 dent stainless steel reed, insrted eye heddles, with accessories. Excellent condition, about 3 years old. $550. Located in Clinton, Washington.$550 [more]

February 27   Macomber Loom 
Macomber width: 52" harnesses: 16 Topsfield, Massachusetts $5000 Excellent Macomber Ad-a-Harness Loo 52" 16 Shafts. Must pick up in Topsfield, MA. In very good condition. Sectional beam, 18 treadles, hundreds of heddles, [more]

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