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June 29   Schacht Baby Wolf 4 now 4 later 
4 Shaft Baby Wolf (4now 4 later) $1000 Includes a warping board, 2 boat shuttles, misc yarns. Excllent [more]

June 27   Lendrum Bobbins for Sale 
I have seven regular size Lendrum bobbins in maple wood for sale, $19 plus shipping, each, or $125 pus shipping for all seven bobbons. They are in great [more]

June 26   WANTED: Wooden bobbins for my Louet S70 spinning wheel 
WANTED: Wooden bobbins for my Louet S70 spinning wheel. 505-690-2547. Email Sharon [more]

June 23   Blending Board Ashfordblending board for fiber 
Blending Board Ashfordblending board for fiber,8" x 19-1/2",includes blending brush and clamps for ataching to a table, only used a few times. Great for coming up with unusual blends for novelty yarns. $95.00 plus [more]

June 23   Brushed Mohair Brushed Mohair yarn 
Brushed Mohair Brushed Mohair yarn, white - 1 hank approximately 500 yds., 8 oz. for $15 1 cone apprximately 1-1/4 lb. for $30 Plus shipping If interested, please email . [more]

June 23   Hand Carders 
Hand Carders Clemes & Clemes fine cloth curved hand carders, 10-1/2" x 3-5/8", great for carding fin fibers, angora, cashmereor cotton. Only used a few times,$40. If interested please email . [more]

June 23   Harrisville Design 8h 48" For sale 
Harrisville Design 8h 48" For sale in Gunnison, Colorado. Must pick up. $2000.00 [more]

June 23   Nilus Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom 
Nilus Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom " $500 (Moscow Idaho) A very simple loom, completely vertical. Mterial is stretched from one beam to the other, like the tapestry made in the Gobelin school in Paris. This standard loom [more]

June 23   Spinning wheel handmade 
Handmade spinning wheel available. My father loved to make spindles and he carefully followed the diections. Approximately 36 inches tall. I've never used it. $100. I can send pictures. [more]

June 23    
Wool Combs John Meck Wool Combs, with base to attach to a table. $50. If interested please email Woo [more]

June 22   Carol Leigh's Adjustable Triangle Loom 
Carol Leigh's Adjustable Triangle Loom This 7 foot adjustable loom comes with a stand, one stick andan instruction video. $250 obo. I am located in West Central Florida. For additional information and [more]

June 22   Schacht Inkle Loom 
Schacht Inkle Loom For Sale: New, in box, Schacht Inkle loom. (new price $89) $50 plus shipping from75077. Paypal [more]

June 22   Schacht Spinning Wheel 
Schacht Spinning Wheel Single Schacht Spinning Wheel manufactured 09-30-94. Comes wiith stool, Lazy ate, three whorls, four bobbins, extra drive bands, booklet, oil, spinning hooks, and Hands On Spinning Book. $650 obo. I [more]

June 22   Tablet Weaving For Sale 
Tablet Weaving For Sale: New,old stock, 12 piece set of wood cards for tablet weaving. $15 set, seveal sets available. Books :,Card Weaving by Candace Crockett, $15.(previous owners library stamp, like new [more]

June 22   Tapestry Weaving Tools New, old stock, Tapestry tools for sale 
Tapestry Weaving Tools New, old stock, Tapestry tools for sale. Schacht tapestry weighted beater, $3. Howell tapestry beater fork, $35. Schacht tapestry bobbins, $4each, Ashford tapestry bobbins, $6 each, small style ? [more]

June 21   Solid cherry Norwood jack floor loom 
Solid cherry Norwood jack floor loom for sale that is a four shaft, six treadle loom with a 51 inch eaving width. It has a carbon 15 dent reed, and a sectional back beam with removable pegs so that you can beam either [more]

June 20   Bergman Loom 
Bergman Loom, 8-Harness, 36 weaving width, with texsolve and string heddles,. Included:Schacht End-fed shuttle, bobbins, bobbin winder, 36 warping board, lease sticks, sley hooks,fringe winder, 4reeds, 2 boxes beautiful [more]

June 20   Brother Baby Drum Carder 
Brother Baby Drum Carder for sale by original owner:less than a yearold, like new, 4wide drum, 7diamter drum, 72tpi, right hand crank,includes brush attachment, wood handle doffer, 2 flickers with woodhandles, owners [more]

June 20   I have a really beautiful, small, mobile Gilmore Gem for sale 
I have a really beautiful, small, mobile Gilmore Gem for sale. 8 Shaft, 10 treadle, 22 inch ww. you an look for the Gem. This is an easily mobile workshop loom and can load into the back of my small [more]

June 20   Leclerc Fanny for sale 
Leclerc Fanny for sale, 4 shafts, weaves 36" wide. For sale, Leclerc Fanny. 4 shafts, 6 treadles. weves 36" It is in excellent condition. Back folds to move. Located Cobleskill, n.y. 12043. Asking $350.00 Thank [more]

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