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January 16   50" Harrisburg 4 Shaft Loom 
Includes 6 & 12 dent reeds, standard and sectional beams. In good shape. Asking $500. [more]

January 15   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Martin, Tennessee $3900 Very Good Glimakra 48" 8-H countermarche, epandable to 10H, excellent condition. Includes two boat shuttles (one MIB), two Swedish winders with quills and bobbins. [more]

January 15   Macomber Loom 
Macomber Weave Width:24 Shafts:4 Charlotte, NC $500 Very Good Macomber Baby Mac, 24 inch weave width 4 shaft, 6 treadle with one reed, extra heddles and treadle hooks. Folds and has wheels. Great condition. Located [more]

January 14   36 Nilus LeClerc loom 
36 Nilus LeClerc loom comes with many accessories:4 dividers, many bobbins, 4 boats, flat shuttles, arping board, 2 reeds, rag shuttle, ski shuttle, tension box, bobbin winders, reed hooks, spinning wheel, plus some wool, [more]

January 12   Union Loom 
Union Weave Width:36 inch Shafts:2 Osceola Mills, PA $375 Very Good Union 36" lovingly restored. Newreed and heddles. Weaves scarves to rugs. Includes threading guides and hook. Shuttles 4 large, 2small [more]

January 11   AVL Loom 
AVL Weave Width:96 Shafts:8 Amity, Arkansas $3400 Excellent AVL mechanical dobby rug loom with 2" setional back beam, tension box rail, air-assist pedals operate shafts and sliding weighted beater. Email for [more]

January 11   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra Weave Width:52 Shafts:4 Amity, Arkansas $2200 Very Good Glimakra standard horizontal countemarche loom from smoke free pet free home. Includes attached full width bench, warping sticks, warping trapeze, simple [more]

January 10   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Columbiana,Ohio $90 Excellent Glimakra tapestry loom with tapestrytools. Shipping [more]

January 10   ISO drum carder, picker, hand carderx 
Have been hand spinning and would love new tools to use- seeking used drum carder, and possibly pickr, large flat hand carders, other hand careers if good price, and blending board. Also considering spinning wheel but all [more]

January 10   Kromski Spinning Wheel 
Kromski Weave Width: Shafts: Chicago, Illinois $550 Excellent Like new Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheelfor sale. Fully foldable spinning wheel, easy assembly. Comes with three bobbins, threading hook, two containers of [more]

January 9   1970s Toika table loom 
1970s Toika table loom for sale. $150.00. Large Warping board on a Stand. $100.00. Hard Cover Book:Ane Fields The Four " Shaft Table Loom.$30.00 Contact Nancy [more]

January 9   Gilmore Loom 
Gilmore Weave Width:40"+ Shafts:6 Salt Lake City, Utah $800 Good I am looking to purchase a Gilmore oom, at least 40" weaving width. Would prefer 6 or more harnesses but 4 would work as well. Thank [more]

January 9   LeClerc 53 floor loom 
LeClerc 53 floor loom with bench and accessories. $800.00. Located in Roseburg, Oregon. Contact Pegg [more]

January 8   Hearld Loom 
Hearld Weave Width:40" Shafts:4 Coalton, Ohio $1500 Excellent I have a beautiful, fully functional HRALD RUG LOOM for sale. It is gently used plus, I have yarn, a bench, a rack another piece and tools to go with it. I am [more]

January 8    
Plastic AVL and Cardboard Weave Width: Shafts: Seattle, WA $100 Excellent 20 plastic and 52 cardboar spools for sectional warping rack. $100 plus [more]

January 8   spinning wheel wanted 
Pipy Saxony or Wendy wheel wanted. Thanks [more]

January 7   avl Production Compu-Dobby Loom 
avl Production Compu-Dobby Loom - $6500 (Colorado City co) Production Compu-Dobby Loom, 60" 16 Harnes (Serial #1920) Made in 1993 in the usa Dimensions: 70"x74"x62" Reconditioned by avl in 2001 Kiln-Dried Maple [more]

January 7    
Different brands Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio $25 Excellent Various sizes,various brands boa, stick, rag, swords, [more]

January 7    
Glimakra Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio $365 Excellent A large warping reel used to put large arps on a loom. Each side measures 27" so times 4 equals 108". Must be picked up, too heavy to ship. Also listed below is [more]

January 7    
Janome needle felting machine. Paid $295 .Asking $200.Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Kay by [more]

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