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April 28   SALE: 4h, 6tr., loom weaves 36 
Asking $475.00, Excellent cond. Leesburg loom, non rust heddles and reed, sectional warp beam, locatd south of Indianapolis, pickup only. Can send photos. thanks [more]

April 27   Norm Hall Cherry Mariah Double Treadle Spinning Wheel 
With a heavy sigh, I have decided to part with my Norm Hall Double Treadle cherry spinning wheel. Iwaited 6 years to have my custom wheel handcrafted to my specifications. It is made with extra spindles and thus weight [more]

April 26   Ashford Traditional wheel 
Traditional double drive wheel. New, assembled, unfinished, with accessories. $500. [more]

April 22   FS 24" Leclerc Voyager 16 shafts 
Leclerc Voyager, 24" weaving width, 16 shafts, double back beam, 500 extra heddles, one extra reed (ne 12 dpi one 6dpi), two metal lease sticks, one shuttle, home made stand, Book warping to weave from leclerc, couple of [more]

April 21   60" AVL 16-harness w/mechanical dobby 
Unused since refurbishing by AVL! 1990 production loom with underslung beater, sectional warp beam,single fly shuttle, reed, heddles, pegs, bars and built-in bench. Located in Maine. Too much to ship. [more]

April 21   Beka cherry floor loom 
Beka cherry floor loom (yes, Beka made more than table looms, including a 40" floor loom), 60" weavig width, 8H, 10T, approx. 1000 metal heddles (no rust). This loom is at least 25 years old, possibly older. Other than [more]

April 21   Cherry wood 26" spinning wheel 
Cherry wood 26" spinning wheel handmade by Tom Siske in 1988. Siske spinning wheels are prized amongspinners who own or are familiar with them. This is not a spinning wheel for beginners, but if you're experienced and [more]

April 21   fs: Tissart tapestry loom 
fs: Tissart tapestry loom 45" Tissart tapestry loom 2-shaft, 2-treadle counterbalance upright loom 8dent reed tool shelf Loom easily disassembles for transport, I brought it home in the back of a Hyundai Santa Fe. Great [more]

April 21   Gilmore 8 harness jack loom 
Gilmore 8 harness jack loom Gilmore 8 harness jack loom, unknown age but has been gently used all thse yrs. Measures 45" across inside of harnessso you could easily weave 40". Sturdy maple loom not the folding type.Wire [more]

April 21   Norwood cherry X-frame floor loom 
Norwood cherry X-frame floor loom, 30" weaving width, 4H, 6T, approx. 600-800 heddles (no rust). Thi loom is at least 25 years old, possibly older. Other than minor scratches and/or dings, for its age, in my opinion, it [more]

April 21    
Swedish Swatches Green by Malin Selander Published in 1978. The Green Series with swatches in tact. he only damage from age is the spiral binding, the bottom 5 rings are gone. Asking $165 plus shipping. Photo upon request [more]

April 20   31 Handwoven Magazines for sale 
31 Handwoven Magazines for sale for $2.50 each Lot of 31 Handwoven magazines from years 1985-1987, 189-1992. All for $75 plus [more]

April 20   I'm interested in buying a Rio Grande walking/great wheel 
I'm interested in buying a Rio Grande walking/great wheel. [more]

April 19   16 Harness Cherry J-Made Weaving Loom 
16 Harness Cherry J-Made Weaving Loom J-Made - This beautiful cherry jack loom has all of the featurs J-Made looms are known for. 45" Weaving width Worm screw hand cranks for infinitesimal small or large adjustments [more]

April 19    
Alvin Ramer Super-Mini Wool Combs Cherry! Located in Maine. $225 oops! the photos do not want to appar on here: please email and I will gladly send them to [more]

April 19   Gillmore Floor Loom 
Gillmore Floor Loom euc 48x36x38 (dimensions in inches) 8 Harness 12 Treadles $1200 . Comes with a bnch, 10 dentreed, section beam warping board. Has brand new headles. Built April 1967. Located in Southern California [more]

April 19   Regina Glimakra Tapestry Loom 
Regina Glimakra Tapestry Loom For Sale Regina Glimakra 48 in. Weaving width Footprint: 3'6" X 6' plu room to work 3 sets of 2 treadles to make weaving easier Lightly used Includes 1 reed No bench, I used rolling chair [more]

April 19   Tapestry loom, Shannock 
Solid oak Shannock Tapestry Loom. 91 x91 in with an 85 in weaving width. Built in 1981. No. 8 9 sts of heddles, 1 heddle maker, 4 sets of treadles, tool tray , and rattle. In great condition. Asking $5000. [more]

April 17    
class="MsoListParagraphCxSpMiddle" style="text-indent:-19.5pt; margin-left:.5pt; margin-right:0in; mrgin-top:0in; margin-bottom:0pt" align="center">Looking for a Flying Shuttle Beater for a 45" Leclerc Jack Type Nilus. [more]

April 17   Kessenich Floor loom 
Red Oak Model 38" EmmA2006. Asking 1500.00 or best offer [more]

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