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December 14   Newcomb Loom 
For sale is an antique rug loom made by the Newcomb Loom Company from Davenport, Iowa. This loom isin excellent shape for its age! [more]

December 13   For Sale 
For Sale.Books. Anatolian Knitting Designs, Sivas Stocking Patterns Collected in an Istanbul Shantytwn, by Betsy Harrell. Paper back, 1981. New Condition. With colored pictures. $35. Alymara Weavings, Ceremonial Textiles [more]

December 12   Ashford Katie 8S folding table loom 
Ashford Katie 8S folding table loom, like new, used twice. Fits in airplane overhead compartment. 10and 6D reeds, 320 Texsolv heddles, padded case. $875, shipping extra. Located in [more]

December 12   AVL Compudobby workshop loom 
AVL Compudobby workshop loom, 16" weaving width, 24 shafts, Compudobby III, X-frame body, standard bttom swing beater, sectional beam with 2" sections. AVL sticky front cloth beam, 800 Texsolv heddles. $2500, shipping not [more]

December 12    
Glimakra Ideal 100 horizontal countermarch, 6 harnesses, 6 treadles, counterbalance bar, 39" weavingwidth, 10D reed, bench. Texsolv heddles and tex tie-ups. Glimakra stopped production of this versatile loom last year. [more]

December 12   Used Glimakra Ideal horizontal Countermarch loom 
Used Glimakra Ideal horizontal Countermarch loom in very good condition. Loom is 39" weaving width wth 4 shafts and 6 treadles. It can easily be upgraded to 8S, 8T. Lease sticks, shaft cradles and pins are included, along [more]

December 12   WANTED:in search of a used small floor loom 
WANTED:in search of a used small floor loom, 4 Harness, 4-6 T.Preferrably Harrisville 22/4 (A6), 22,or a Baby MAC " Macomber, or similar floor loom in a 18 to 24 width.I would rather not have just a direct tie up so 6 [more]

December 11   Glimokra 60" standard loom 
Glimokra loom, 60" 12 harness, counterbalance/counter march, great condition, has been stored for 30years. This loom is in Camden, Maine. You can see photo of it at [more]

December 9    Beautiful Obadiah Tharp Great Wheel 
Beautiful, mint condition Obadiah Tharp Great Wheel with original letter of provenance. Asking $3000 Local pickup only in Portland, OR. [more]

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE: Used Leclerc tension box for sale in good condition. Asking $85.00 plus shiping , paypal [more]

December 8   AVL production loom 
AVL production loom, excellent condition, Dobby style 45"-48" weaving width, 5 reeds, 48" 20&12 dent 45" 8&6 dent, 36" 15 dent. Heddles include 200 extra, 60 extra Dobby bars, 2 long shuttles with extra pirns, Dobby pegs [more]

December 7   60" AVL Loom 
60" AVL Loom, 24 Harnesses, Metal Heddles, Compu-Dobby and Mechanical Dobby. Bottom Swing Beater, Plin Warp Beam, Air lifting Conversion System. Good Condition. Loom available for pick-up, no delivery. Guarantees, [more]

December 7   Beautiful Loom 
Beautiful Loomcraft Loom. 8 harness, 12 treadle, 45 in. weaving width, solid cherry loom. Bench Inclded. All in Perfect condition. Will include box of yarn. Please email with questions or for more pictures. Asking $1400. [more]

December 7   Loomcraft Loom for sale $1400 
Beautiful Loomcraft Loom. 8 harness, 12 treadle, 45 in. weaving width, solid cherry loom. Bench Inclded. All in Perfect condition. Will include box of yarn. Please email email with questions or for more pictures. Asking [more]

December 7   Union 36 Rug Loom 
Union 36 Rug Loom. Two harness, 12 Dent Reed, in good condition. Comes with counter, shuttles, threaer needles, operator manual, 4 boxes of warp, and 32 boxes of material. Some boxes are already cut into strips, others [more]

December 6   LOUET manufactured 8 harness table loom 
LOUET manufactured 8 harness table loom $535. This is an excellent quality loom made of hardwood (bech). The weaving width is 15.5 inches. The loom has a built-in raddle, 400 Texsolv polyester heddles, an 8 dent and a 12 [more]

December 6   One-year-old Schacht 46" weaving width floor loom 
One-year-old Schacht 46" weaving width floor loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles. This loom is in erfect condition and is the low castle design and the maple color. This comes with 1000 inserted eye heddles, 3 6" [more]

December 4   48" 4 Harness "X" style Gilmore for sale 
48" 4 Harness "X" style Gilmore for sale. This loom folds up to less than 24" one reed included. I a asking $650 but I will entertain any reasonable offer. Located 1 hour south of Nashville, TN. 615 542 1930 Posted 12-5 [more]

December 4   Harrisville Designs 36 inch Eight Harness, 10 Treadle loom 
Harrisville Designs 36 inch Eight Harness, 10 Treadle loom with 8, 10 and 12 dent reeds. The loom isin excellent condition and has been rarely used. Asking $1400 I am located near Boston, MA. Email [more]

December 3    
Harrisville Designs 36 inch eight Harness, 10 Treadle with 8, 10 and 12 dent reeds. The loom is in ecellent condition; it has rarely been used. Loom is located near Boston MA. Asking [more]

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