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April 16   Cherry Schacht 8 shaft high castle loom 
45" weaving width and 8 shaft--not 4 now 4 later--10 treadle. ~1224 inserted eye heddles. 3 stainles steel reeds, no rust: 6, 10, 15 dent. Comes with matching bench with bench bag, raddle (Schacht maple), 4 hole cherry [more]

April 15   HD loom tie-ups 
WANTED: Used HD loom treadle tie-ups.
Location: Woodward IA [more]

April 13   Louet Klik 16 shaft 
Lightly used Louet Klik 16-shaft with Telsolv heddles in good shape. The two reeds are stainless stel (size available later). This is the table-top version. Local pick-up wold include the original case (quite heavy), [more]

April 8   72 8 harness Cranbrook loom 
72 8 harness Cranbrook loom. Located inWenatchee, Washington. $2000 . Comes with bench, tool tray, bck storage tray, 1 yard sectional beam, tension box, 8, 6 & 4 dent reeds. Im downsizing my loom stash and need this to [more]

April 8   Rasmussen Table Loom 
Rasmussen Table Loom.29 X 25 1/4 wide , four harnesses, two reeds ,metal heddles . Located inBellingam,WA or Sherwood, OR .$300.Excellent condition. Please contact Mickey [more]

April 7   Wool carded into batting 
White, Grey Dorset & Black Icelandic wool batting. Ready to spin or felt. Clean and professionaly caded into 2 oz pieces $2.50 each. Email for info / photos
Location: Humboldt County [more]

April 6   Gilmore Loom 
Gilmore Weave Width:40" Shafts:8 Arcanum, Ohio $1000 Very Good 8 harness floor loom with a 40 inch waving width, and a 8 and 12 dent reed. Two boat shuttles, various other shuttles and many steel heddles included. The [more]

April 6   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra Weave Width:47 Shafts:12 Columbiana,Ohio $2200 Excellent Glimakra is a 10H,10T 47" loom wit overhead beater, warp protector, Glimakra Bench, and all the attachments to be either Counterbalance or Countermarche. [more]

April 6   Heritage Looms 
Heritage Looms Weave Width:10 1/2 Shafts:8 Columbiana,Ohio $525 Excellent Brass plate reads HeritageLoom. Limited Edition Looks to be curly maple and everything is brass. She looks like a piece of art. Comes with 3 reeds, [more]

April 6   Macomber loom 
Macomber Weave Width: Shafts: New York, New York $100 Very Good Looking for a loom bench, preferablyMacomber. Also looking for a raddle (approx 30") willing to pick [more]

April 6   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:15 Shafts:4 Arcanum, Ohio $200 Good 4 harness table loom from the 1980s. Believeits a Schacht, but label is [more]

April 6   Schact 46 
Schact 46" floor loom. 8 Shaft, 12 treadles - 6, 8, 10,12 dent reeds. Lots of accessories - bench,warping board, shuttles, threads
Location: Mt. Vernon, [more]

April 6   Structo Loom 
Structo Weave Width:8 Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio $250 Excellent Structo metal 8" wide 4 H table loom i very, very good condition. Sley hook, copy of manual, list of weaving patterns, original lease sticks, small shuttles. [more]

April 5   1985 AVL Professional Dobby Loom 
1985 AVL Professional Dobby Loom, 48 inch, 16 shaft equipped with:Overhead Beater, Single and Dbl Bo Fly, CD I. 8, 10, 12 reeds, 1 YD Sectional Beam w/2" hoops,Plain Beam,Tension Arms, Cables, and Weights (2), [more]

April 5   Hearthside Loom 
Hearthside Loom (6 harness) I'm selling my 1940's 6 harness Hearthside loom for $500 obo. It works geat, but probably needs a little oil. I used it once and realized I'm not a huge fan of weaving and decided to stick to [more]

April 5   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:45" Shafts:12 Zanesville, OH $3000 Very Good Folds and/or disassembles for easie storage/transport. It has a 52x52" footprint when open, 52x34" when folded, or 52X13" with breast beam and beater [more]

April 4    
6 cones of polyester blend, Mustard color I have 6 weaving cones of a vey nice mustard color, polyeser blend; thickness is smaller than sock fingering yarn; strong, 2-ply, thick and thin. $7.00 (plus postage from [more]

April 4   AVL V series 40 harness 30 inch loom for sale 
Like new AVL V series loom for sale. Includes e lift, dobby box, weavepoint software, 12 dent 30" sainless reed
Location: Rock Hall [more]

April 4   English Angora Rabbit Fiber 
I have ~30 POUNDS of stock piled rabbit fiber. 2-6" staple length and in various colors. It is mostl scissor cut, packed in cloud form, per ~4oz. shearing, in either zip lock backs or grocery sacks. They vast majoity of [more]

JOHN SHANNOCK TAPESTRY LOOM FOR SALE. This wooden, high warp loom is #8 in John Shannocks loom prodution. Shannock looms are known for their strength and beauty. The uprights on the loom are 91 high. The weaving width is [more]

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