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April 18    
8-harness Louet David 70 (27 5/8 inch weaving width). This compact sinking shed jack loom has a hangng beater, 10 treadles, tension brake, 800 texsolv heddles, 3 reeds (8 ,10 and 12 dent), 2 lease sticks and 16 warp [more]

April 18    
wanted: 8-dvd set by Archie Brennan/Susan Martin Mafei Does anyone have the 8-dvd tapestry weaving st by Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Mafei that you are no longer using and could sell? Please email [more]

April 17   Check out our looper loom 
Weave anything you want from heavy rugs to fine lace fabrics on this 60" Leclerc Nilart; 8 harness ith room for 12; This loom is built with a beautiful hard maple. It is approximately 25 years old, VERY gently used in [more]

April 17   Used only once. This 40 4 harness, 6 treadle Gilmore loom 
Used only once. This 40 4 harness, 6 treadle Gilmore loom is in new condition! It shows no sign of ue or wear. Owner moved and could not take it with her. Includes 3 Gilmore(medium)Boat Shuttles(retail $34/each),A new [more]

April 16   Harrisville Designs, 4 harness floor loom 
Harrisville Designs, 4 harness floor loom, folds easily folds up for transport. Overall dimensions ae 27.5" x 42" tall and 42" deep, when fully expanded. Lots of reading/instructional material included. $450 or best [more]

April 16   Macomber loom 
Macomber loom 45, 16 harness, assortment of shuttles, bobbin winder, repair heddles, lease sticks, n bench, $2000 OBO Portland, Oregon contact [more]

April 16   More weaving books for sale 
More weaving books for sale weaving books for sale Up dated list and price reductions! I am clearingout a lot of my weaving books some are New and some are gently used. Buyer pays shipping either media mail or Priority [more]

April 15   Ashford Tapestry loom 
Ashford Tapestry loom Ashford Tapestry loom, 24" weaving width. Almost new, only 2 projects woven onthis loom. Located in Lees Summit, mo. $275 obo, buyer pays [more]

April 14   750 Beaver Loom 
750 Beaver Loom - 8 Harness, 10 Treadle, 44" Reed $750. Estate Sale Item located in west suburban Chcago. My sister had it made to order by Beaver Looms in Granger Indiana in the 70's by H. E. McCampbell. Not in business [more]

April 14    
Handcrafted Horizontal Lazy Kate fs: Handcrafted Horizontal Lazy Kate. Asking $60 (obo), includes shpping within the continental us or a $10 shipping credit anywhere else. Has metal rod tohold two or three regular [more]

April 14    
Louet Megado/ Delta Bench (23.5" to 29" high) FS:Louet Megado/ Delta Bench (23.5" to 29" high). Askig $295obo plus shipping. Made of natural Ash hardwood, finished with a clear lacquer and is an adjustable bench. The [more]

April 14   Majacraft Standard Lazy Kate (3 Bobbins) For Sale 
Majacraft Standard Lazy Kate (3 Bobbins) For Sale: Majacraft Standard Lazy Kate. Never Used. Asking 75(obo), includes shipping within the continental us or a $10 shipping credit anywhere else. Has stainless steel guides [more]

April 14   Mirrix 8" Lani Tapestry Loom 
Mirrix 8" Lani Tapestry Loom with Shedding Device fs: Brand New (unopened) Mirrix 8" Lani Tapestry Lom with Shedding Device. Asking $130 (obo) plus shipping. This is Mirrix'ssecond-smallest loom, great for bead weaving [more]

April 13    
LEClerc Nilus 36", 4-H, 6-T, 43' Wide, 43" High, 12 Dent Reed. All new heddles. Comes with detailed ssembly manual & parts list. Good condition. Located in Dayton, OH. Price: [more]

April 12   BERGMAN, 8-h, 36" Countermarch LOOM for Sale 
8-h, 36" BERGMAN COUNTERMARCH LOOM, FOLDING, WITH BENCH; completely refurbished, in very good workin order; 2,100(!) Texslov heddles; 2 SS reeds; new heddle bars, apron, apron rods, tie-up Texslov cords, warping sticks, [more]

April 11   Ashford Double Treadle Wheel 
Ashford double treadle Traditional spinning wheel. This wheel is a favorite for beginners, hobbyistsand professionls. Wheel diameter: 22″; Orifice:3/8″; Ratios: 6.5:l, l2.5:l and 17.5:1 for the single drive, [more]

April 10   Gilmore 45 maplejack loom 
Gilmore 45 maplejack loom for sale. Located in Seattle. 8 harnesses, 12 treadles, 3 reeds (6, 8, 10 ent). $400. Contact Barbara [more]

April 10   L.W. Macomber (Saugas, MASS USA) AD-A-Harness (R) B5 Floor Loom for Sale 
L.W. Macomber (Saugas, MASS USA) AD-A-Harness (R) B5 Floor Loom for Sale. This loom has a 24" weavng width with 6 harnesses and was built 5/22/67. Made of hard maple, it stands 49.50 inches high and 34.50 wide. Good [more]

April 10   L.W. Macomber (Saugas, MASS USA) AD-A-Harness B5 Floor Loom for Sale with Weaving Bench 
L.W. Macomber (Saugas, MASS USA) AD-A-Harness B5 Floor Loom for Sale with Weaving Bench. This loom hs a 40" weaving width and was built with 10 harnesses, a sectional back beam, plain beam, and a double back beam. It was [more]

April 10   Leclerc metal yarn skein winder 
Leclerc metal yarn skein winder on a wooden base. Has two posts for yarn spools. $150. Plus shippng from [more]

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