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July 22   50" Norwood Loom 
Downsizing and have to sell my beautiful solid cherry Norwood loom made in Freemont, Michigan. Inclues bench with side boxes,sectional warping beam, 8 harness, 10 treadle, easy tie-up, extra heddles, 8,10,12 dent reeds, [more]

July 17   Looking for Schacht Ladybug 
Hi there - I'm looking to find a second hand Schacht ladybug in good condition! Please contact me i you have or have seen one in your [more]

July 15   Schacte Baby Wolf Loom 4N/4L 
The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26". The X-frame design is exceptionally stable and can be eaily folded to a depth of 18". The adjustable beater allows the position of the shuttle race to be raised or lowered if [more]

July 12   36" Sievers 4 Harness folding floor loom 
Solid Cherry wood constructed from Sievers Looms plans by master carpenters. Asking $600. All part are included. Currently the loom is partially assembled to aid in transport.. The loom has never been used and it is [more]

June 30   Cranbrook 60' Countermarche 8 shaft loom 
Cranbrook 60' Countermarche 8 shaft loom for sale. The loom was made by Bexell & Son in Pontiac Michgan. Included in the sale are 3 reeds - 5,12, 15 dents, 1/4 ' AVL raddle, 63' lease sticks, texsolv and original chains, [more]

June 30   WANTED: Louet DT S-75 
Looking for a Louet DT S-75 spinning wheel in good condition. Will consider ST as well. [more]

June 29    
abra Knitting Needle Cases (Leather) Photos of each item can be seen at my blog: abra Knitting Needle Cases (Leather) * these are in like new condition (they were never used) * These are from [more]

June 29   Cranbrook 60' Countermarche 8 shaft loom for sale 
Cranbrook 60' Countermarche 8 shaft loom for sale. The loom was made by Bexell & Son in Pontiac Michgan. Included in the sale are 3 reeds - 5,12, 15 dents, 1/4 ' AVL raddle, 63' lease sticks, texsolv and original chains, [more]

June 29   Free 60" Tissart Tapestry Loom 
Free to a good home, Littleton, Co. Can be shipped. I have two of these looms and only use one curretly. Beautiful tool and full online tutorial to assist in warping. Happy [more]

June 29   Louet s17 spinning wheel 
Louet s17 spinning wheel Louet s17 wheel, with regular flyer, art yarn flyer, 2 jumbo bobbins, 4 reglar bobbin very Nice condition 1 year old. Local pick up only Worcester, [more]

June 29   Norwood 50 inch 4 Harness Floor Loom 
Norwood 50 inch 4 Harness Floor Loom For Sale - Norwood 50 inch jack loom with 4 harnesses and 6 tredles in cherry wood in good condition. Equipped with sectional warp beam and includes a reed and a set of lease sticks. [more]

June 29   Piecework Magazines Long list of Piecework Magazine for sale 
Piecework Magazines Long list of Piecework Magazine for sale. I am selling this entire lot of 36 isses for $120 which includes the shipping so **free shipping** if you buy the entire lot. I accept Paypal and can send an [more]

June 28   54" Fireside Loom 
54" Fireside Loom 54" Fireside Loom, Cherry wood,8 Shaft Jack, 10 treadles, 1,200 inserted eye heddls, cloth tensioning system includes worm drive and friction brake, apron on cloth beam, 2/3 yard 2" sectional warping [more]

June 28   60"j Made Loom 
60"j Made Loom j Made Loom, walnut, 60" weaving width, 12 shafts, 2 beams, worm drive, raddle, pianostyle bench, weaving caddy, 2 reeds, 2 leash sticks, 2 tie-on rods. Asking $3,500, reasonable offers will be considered. [more]

June 28   iso--dt Louet s-75 I'm in the market for a used Louet dt s-75 spinning wheel 
iso--dt Louet s-75 I'm in the market for a used Louet dt s-75 spinning wheel. [more]

June 26   20" 4 shaft table loom 
20" 4 shaft table loom 20" 4 shaft table loom new 10 dent reed, good supply of heddles I have not usd this loom, it is missing the handles for adjusting the warp. $75 or bo It is in Northeast Mass and is available for [more]

GLIMAKRA JULIA 8-SHAFT LOOM for sale. Includes matching bench, 4 reeds, DVD, book, and 10 lbs. of wol yarn. Price: $1400 plus shipping or pick up in Amity Arkansas. Cal 870-342-6254 or 828-699-5259 or email. . Nearly new [more]

June 26    
Weaving tools needed in Vancouver, BC " I am setting up a weaving studio and I need a warping board,ball winder, bobbin winder, umbrella swift, some stick shuttles. If anyone has any to sell please contact Amanda [more]

June 25   45" Leclerc 8-shaft loom 
45" Leclerc 8-shaft loom Leclerc 8-shaft/ 10 treadle 45" jack loom with room for 4 more shafts. Incldes 3 reeds, shaft weight bars, 2 boat shuttles and 10 lbs wool yarn on cones. Made in 1970, but still very strong and [more]

June 25   Fs: Brand new zach mirrix tapastry /beading loom 
Fs: Brand new zach mirrix tapastry /beading loom I am selling a brand new 22" Zach Mirrix tapestry/bading loom.This loom will make a 19" by 47 inch project on it.I am also including the dvd on how to use this loom as [more]

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