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February 19   Woolhouse Tools Loom 
Woolhouse Tools Weave Width:24" Shafts:More than 16 Dexter, NY $99 Excellent Looking for a 24 shaft argaret table loom with the WhichOne shaft tracker made by Woolhouse Tools. Please contact me with your asking price and [more]

February 18   "Ruthie" Crisp Woodworking 60" 2 Harness Tapestry Loom 
"Ruthie" Crisp Woodworking 60" 2 Harness Tapestry Loom $1600 Located in Chapel Hill, NC his loom was made in the 80's in Oregon and is made of beautiful light bird's eye maple with accents of walnut and oak [more]

February 18   Ashford Loom 
Ashford Weave Width:8-12" Shafts:N/A Cleveland, OH $125 Good I am looking for a used rigid heddle lom, price negotiable depending on condition and age. Width and brand are [more]

February 18   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Mifflinburg, PA $750 Very Good We are selling a 36" Leclerc Nilus 4shaft, 6 treadle loom in very good condition. Must pick up. Cannot [more]

February 17   20-inch Schacht 8-harness Table Loom 
20-inch Schacht 8-harness Table Loom " $525.00; comes with detachable folding floor stand and 12 den Reed. Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Wendy [more]

February 17   Cranbrook Loom 
Cranbrook Weave Width:45" Shafts:8 Murray, KY USA $3000 Excellent Cranbrook Loom + Vertical Warping ill. JP Bexell J458375-1765. Have all parts for 7 harness. Loom is an 8 harness. Loom has overhead beater. Price [more]

February 17    
I need to seriously downsize and am selling a very gently used 45 LeClerc 8 shaft jack loom. Include with the loom is a handmade bench, a number of reeds, warping reel and a generous amount of yarn to get you started. [more]

February 17   Older Woolhouse 4 harness table loom 
Older Woolhouse 4 harness table loom for sale. 22 weaving width. Good condition $200.00. Email Sydne.Located near Trail, [more]

February 17   Table loom 
Table loom, 20 weaving width, 4 harness, 15 dent/inch reed, maple construction. Brand unknown but apears similar to Schacht looms. Includes warping board and stick shuttles.Contact Marilyn by e-mail.Located in NE [more]

February 17   Vermont Spinning Wheel 
$900.00 - Made in 2014 by Patrick Russo. Cherry wood; 27" wheel diameter; single treadle; three bobbns, excellent condition. Must pickup at location - no shipping available. PayPal or [more]

February 16   Ashford Spinning Wheel 
Ashford Weave Width: Shafts: Indianapolis, IN $650 Excellent An electric Ashford Country wheel. Hugebobbin and orifice . Uses a Tough leather drive band. Variable speed and reverse control . Long cord for power. Lightly [more]

February 16   AVL Loom 
AVL Weave Width:30" Shafts:More than 16 Champaign, IL $6000 Excellent A series loom, Compu Dobby IV,24s with 100 heddles/shaft. Free standing bench, 1 yd sectional warp beam, Automatic cloth advance. One owner, purchased [more]

February 16   Glimakra Emilia 18" rigid heddle loom 
Glimakra Emilia 18" rigid heddle loom + books I have decided that I am not a rigid heddle person so 'm selling my loom. 18" Glimakra Emilia with stand, 3 reeds (8, 10, and 12 dent), 2 clamps, a Leclerc heddle threading [more]

February 16   Harrisville Loom 
Harrisville Weave Width:22" Shafts:8 Columbiana, Ohio $895 Excellent Harrisville Design 22" 8 Harnes 10 treadle floor loom. It comes with a castle tray to hold tools, boat shuttle, Sley hook,8 Harness weaving book,HD [more]

February 15   sale 
sale pending - Cranbrook Loom Cranbrook Loom built by Norwood for sale: 60" weaving width solid mapl with double brass ratches on the cloth beam for strong, high tension 8-shaft countermarche with original chains in great [more]

February 15    
Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana , Ohio $375 Very Good Very large warping mill .152 circumfernce verity all on stand lifts out of [more]

February 14   8 Shaft 18" Frieda Table Loom 
8 Shaft 18" Frieda Table Loom by Northwest Looms $450 Maple table Loom with cam-style mchanism conneted directly on side mounted levers to lift the shafts. Maple lift-top Beater and Raddle add ease in warping and sleying [more]

February 14   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc Weave Width:48 Shafts:4 Paul, Idaho $500 Very Good $500 OBO WILL SHIP Large Leclerc Nilus lom made in Canada, has the bench to go with it with lots of extras, sorry don't know much about the Loom, Comes with lots [more]

February 14   Solid Oak Inkle Loom 
Solid Oak Inkle Loom Handmade, gently used solid oak inkle loom produces 8' long bands. Finished wit Danish Oil. image.jpeg Dowel pegs are 3/4" diameter by 5 3/4" long. Loom measures 30" long by 9" tall. Front sliding [more]

February 14   Wanted:Walking loom 
Wanted:Walking loom. ContactDenice by [more]

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