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August 19   Schacht Ladybug $600 OBO 
In great shape, ready to go in its original box. It could use a new threading hook (these are $12 onine) as this one got a bit damaged, but it still threads fine. $600 [more]

August 19   Used Louet S10 Spinning Wheel 
Louet S-10 DOUBLE TREADLE spinning wheel in excellent smooth working condition. $485 obo.
Locatio: Easthampton, [more]

August 18   48" Fireside 8s/12t loom 
For sale: A fabulous Fireside loom custom built by Gary Swett in Port Townsend WA in 2002. Price: $,500. Cherry wood loom with 48" weaving width, 8-shafts, 12 treadles, double back beam, 2 plain warp beams, flat-top 42" [more]

August 18   I have a unique Betty Roberts 1970s loom 
I have a unique Betty Roberts 1970s loom, believed to be built by her husband Lloyd Williams. It is sturdy made folding floor loom with 4 harnesses and Bettys iconic resin flower & insect inlay. Also features decorative [more]

August 16   4 Harness Kessenich Floor Loom 
For Sale: 4 Harness, 6 treadle Kessenich floor loom with Kessenich bench. Both are built of red oa which has a hand rubbed oil finish. Overall warp span is 42" with 15 dent reed. Loom and bench are in excellent [more]

August 15   Allen Loom 
Allen Loom with bench for sale. This is a used vintage very desirable loom. 4 shaft counter balance,36 inch weaving width. Includes:8 dent reeds and sectional beam, approximately 300 heddles, piano style bench, folds for [more]

August 15    
Destash from Members of the Our Guild. Weaving Equipment, Spinning Equipment, Spinning Fibers, Wools Silks, Linens, Cottons, Carpet Warp, Rug Wools. Too much to list. Something for every one. Contact for more details. [more]

August 13   Baby Wolf Loom 
Baby Wolf Loom:lightly used.8 harness, 12 dent reed, sectional warp beam, stroller and bench.20 mile south of Olympia, Washington.$2400.00 . Please contact Ora by email.You pick [more]

August 12   Loomcraft 8 shaft floor loom 
Loomcraft 8 shaft loom. Solid maple. Beautiful loom. 12 dent reed, lease sticks, and extra items incuded. $700
Location: Portage, [more]

August 12   Spinning Wheel Louet S10 for sale 
Hand painted spinning wheel finished with Scandinavian fairy tales art motif. In perfect working orer. [more]

August 11   32" Kromski Rigid Heddle loom 
32" Kromski Rigid Heddle loom with stand, 2 heddles, shuttle and warping sticks in great conditon. Located inArlington, Washington.400.00 Please contact Cindy [more]

August 11   36" Harrisville loom 
36" Harrisville loom " 4 harness. Comes with 10 dent reed and carpet shuttle. Located inSE Portand, Oregon.$200 Please contact Liz [more]

August 11    
Alden Amos Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio $295 Excellent Alden Amos made these large fiber coms and signed them. He was the author of The Big Book of Spinning. These combs are very heavy duty and have 4 rows of [more]

August 11   quilting frame 
Hinterberg Design lovingly built by a master woodcrafter. Made from White pine. Unfortunately an ijury does not allow me to make hand made quilts. You can do up to a king size duvet. $350.00
Location: Kelowna [more]

August 11   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:32 Shafts:2 Columbiana,Ohio $299 New 32" Schacht rigid heddle loom with Schacht tand,original paperwork, shuttles,lease sticks, appears it was never [more]

August 11   Willow Tree Loom 
Willow Tree Weave Width:32 Shafts:2 Columbiana,Ohio $299 Excellent 32" rigid heddle with stand, madeof BLACK WALNUT with 3 rigid heddles, pick up sticks, shuttles, lease sticks, original [more]

August 10   book weaving 
Handwoven Magazine presents "The Weaver's Companion" Copyright 2001, by Interweave Press Inc. Immculate condition, has spiral [more]

August 10   For sale: Ashford 16 shaft table loom and stand 
I am offering for sale: Ashford 16 shaft table loom with a 24" weaving width in excellent conditiFolding stand for the [more]

August 10   Hazel Rose Looms & Other Mini Looms 
Hazel Rose 7" Triangle Mini Loom and Hazel Rose 4" Square Pin Loom. The Hazel Rose Triangle is $28.0 (price includes shipping) and Hazel Rose 4" Square is $24.00 (price includes shipping). Brand new the trianble is $37.99 [more]

August 10   Macomber B5 Ad-a-Harness Floor Looom for Sale 
Macomber (Saugas, MASS USA) AD-A-Harness (R) B5 Floor Loom for Sale! This loom has a 32" weaving with with 4 harnesses on a 10 harness frame. Made of hard maple, it stands 49.50 inches high and 42.50 wide and is 30 [more]

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