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December 10   32 Macomber for sale 
32 Macomber for sale. It has 8 harnesses and room for 2 more. It has 8 treadles and is 32 inches wid. It has a weight attached to the beater bar and a light strip. The lamms are a mixture of old style and new style, Brake [more]

December 10    
Norwood cherry X-frame floor loom on wheels for easy moving, 30" weaving width, 4H, 6T, approx. 500 ire heddles (no rust), two reeds(10D, 30"; 8D, 21"), five 4" bobbins, one heddle hook, one reed hook. Both reeds have [more]

December 9    
Card Weaving books and accessories Card Creating with Card Weaving , by Sally Specht and Sandra Rawlngs, Copyright 1973, paperback. Complete instructions on materials and how to set-up cards for weaving, plus project [more]

December 9    
Odds and ends All items are suggested prices does not include shipping. Please contact Rug weaving tols Punch needle kit 4 in 1 (4 points 1 adapter) $1.00 Rug punch needle #6 $1.00 Ye Sufan Burr Hooked Rug Machine $10.00 [more]

December 8   Westlake spinning wheel 
Westlake spinning wheel, maple castle style. Made by a mastercraftsman, one of his last. Spins like dream. comes with lazy kate that holds and comes with12 bobbins. S3200. Cottage Grove, OR. Email [more]

December 8   Wolf Pup 8 shaft loom 
Wolf Pup 8 shaft loom for sale. Used once, like new, $1700. Cottage Grove, OR. Email Linda. [more]

December 7   AVL Compu-dobby II, version 3, (1997), 48 floor loom 
AVL Compu-dobby II, version 3, (1997), 48 floor loom. Serial # 02228. Weavepoint 6.2 (2005). Asking 3500. Missoula, [more]

December 7   Nonprofit ISO Tool Donations! 
The Center for Craft & Applied Arts in Detroit is searching for tool donations in anticipation of ou move to our new space in Fall [more]

December 6   Maple Zeek floor loom 
Maple Zeek floor loom for sale The loom has 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, and a 50 inch weaving width, wih bench, warping board, weaving books and other accessories.$1000 or best offer. Located in Salem, OR. Contact Kathy [more]

December 5   Little Guy Mirrix Loom 
Mirrix Loom (Little Guy) for Tapestry or bead Weaving with Shedding Device. If purchased New from te Mirrix website all this would be over [more]

December 4    
Macomber Weave Width: Shafts: Newburyport, Massachusetts $1200 Good I have a 6 harness Macomber collpsible Ad-a-harness floor loom. It has 8 treadles and I think it can create pieces up to 32" wide. It needs a new reed [more]

STANDARD GLIMAKRA HORIZONTAL COUNTERMARCH LOOM63 wide, 10 shafts, 10 treadles.Components for Counteralance.8-10-12 Dent Reeds, Texsolv heddles and tie ups.Non skid feet, Bench, Lease sticks, variety of shuttles, metal [more]

December 3   Louet Loom 
Louet Weave Width:54" Shafts:4 Grafton, WV $2000 Very Good 54" Louet Hollandia Countermarche Loom. 4harness in very good condition. Pictures are available by email. Must be picked up and cash [more]

December 3   Rigid Heddle Loom 
Rigid Heddle Weave Width:32 Shafts:2 Bristol,Ct $300 Excellent Used to learn on, like new with stand books and [more]

December 2   Toika Loom 
Toika Weave Width:40 Shafts:8 Pepperell, MA $3500 Excellent includes many cones of yarn, shuttles, S reeds, electric and manual bobbin winders, warping board and much much more! Please see the link for photos and a [more]

December 2   Weaving Loom 60" 'Jack' - $2900 (Happy Valley)  
Beautiful custom Black Walnut weaving loom was made in Oregon by J Made Looms Company. Fully equippd 16 Harness loom, including three 45" reeds and a matching 45" [more]

November 29   Card/Tablet Loom 
Card/Tablet Loom. Handmade of solid wood. For card weaving, comes with cards. Great for those who hae limited space or kids. Seldom used and looking for a good home. $50.00. Measures 25 inches long and 5 inches wide. In [more]

November 29   In search of a 40 inch Macomber loom 
In search of a 40 inch Macomber loom equipped with anywhere from 4-8 harnesses. Hoping to find one wthin reasonable driving distance of Tacoma, WA. Please [more]

November 29   Macomber Add-a Harness. 
Model B5. 40" weaving width. Very well built. Made of maple wood, with cast-iron and bronze. 414 hedles. 8 harnesses. Capacity for 10 harnesses. Macomber company still in business, so excellent support and easy to get [more]

November 29    
Macomber Add-a Harness. Model B5. 40 weaving width. Very well built. Made of maple wood, with cast-ion and bronze. 414 heddles. 8 harnesses. Capacity for 10 harnesses. Macomber company still in business, so excellent [more]

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