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July 28   Macomber 
B-4 add-a-harness # 199. Two sectional warp beams, 10 harnesses, 54 inch weaving width. Sectional wrping equipment, wheels plus more. [more]

July 28   Macomber Floor Loom 
Macomber Floor Loom, Model 34B, 6 harness, 40 inch. In good condition. New heddles, and two new Reed. Great for rugs, large items but also for just weaving smaller things like tea towels or shawls. Aksing $1,500 US or [more]

July 27   Macomber Ad-A-Harness Type B Loom 
Macomber Ad-A-Harness Type B Loom, 48, 10 harness, 1 sectional beam, plain warp beam, and removable ouble back beam, 18 treadles, 4 reeds, $1,400. Additional weaving and spinning equipment and books sold separately. [more]

July 27   Macomber Loom 
Macomber Weave Width:34 Shafts:6 Annapolis, MD $1500 Very Good Macomber model 34B, 6 harness, new hedles, 2 new reeds. Cannot ship -- you must pick up in Annapolis or arrange your own shipping. I can send actual photos by [more]

July 27   Norwood Loom 
Norwood Weave Width:40 Shafts:8 Lafayette, IN $1750 Very Good A gorgeous 8-shaft, 12-treadle cherry orwood loom for sale. Comes with 12 dent reed, custom cherry bench and shuttle [more]

July 26   avl Folding 16 shaft Compu dobby sale 
avl Folding 16 shaft Compu dobby sale pending avl Compudobby, 40 inch weave width, folds for small fotprint, 16 shaft, texsolv heddles, new style auto pick advance, 2 reeds, single fly box, auto cloth storage, adjustable [more]

July 26   For Sale 
For Sale Harrisville Warping Reel Warping reel, solidly built of hardwood, allows you to warp up to 0 yards of warp chain. Has a 2 yard around distance, but folds flat. Comes with 3 adjustable speader bars with pegs for [more]

July 26   Free to spinners: Merino and Alpaca wool 
My deceased daughter was a spinner. I have the wool she intended to spin. It's difficult for me toguess how much, but there are several plastic boxes that I would like to give to someone. [more]

July 26   Leclerc Colonial loom 12 harness 14 treadle  
It is a Colonial Leclerc with 12 harnesses and 14 treadles. It was bought in mid-1990s and is in exellent condition. [more]

July 26   Leicester dryad floor loom 
Leicester dryad floor loom. Refurbished/Rebuilt, new frames. Small/portable but not collapsible. 4 hrness, counterbalance. Upgraded with texsolv heddles and tie-up. 29-30in weaving width. Multiple reeds. 2 leash sticks [more]

July 26   Louet Picker/Carder 
Louet Picker/Carder Louet table top style picker. as is, See pictures. Email me for additional pictues or more information. Paypal please, $100 plus shipping, contact [more]

July 26   Navajo Weaving Loom 
Beautiful Navajo type loom for sale - $500. This is an upright Navajo style - overall loom size is pproximately 63" x 90" x 48" with a weaving width of approximately 60 x 45" or 120" x 45" using the up and over [more]

July 26   Tools of the Trade Loom 
Tools of the Trade Loom 8 Harness,10 treadles, 32" wide (weaving width approx. 26"). Asking $1200. Lcated [more]

July 25   looks like Structo Loom 
looks like Structo Weave Width:20" Shafts:4 Boston, MA $300 Very Good This is a wooden table loom, 2" wide. It has no brand label, but it has the "innards" of a Structo 600. It has 2 reeds, one 15 dent, one 12. Not [more]

July 25   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:8 south carolina, georgia $1500 Very Good seeking a schacht mighty wof 8 harness in good to excellent condition. or a baby wolf 8 harness. if you have one or the other, and are located in [more]

July 24   43 Leclerc Nilus floor loom 
43 Leclerc Nilus floor loom. 4 heddle, 6 treadle, 12 dent reed and foldable for storage, 14 thick (wen folded), 43 high and 43 wide. Sale price:$350.00 Contact Jim at email. Loom located in Olympia, [more]

July 24   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:37" Shafts:4 Kearney, MO $1500 Very Good Schacht Mighty Wolf Floor Loom for sale Has 4 Harnesses, 6 Tredles, and attached stroller. Great condition! Comes with lease sticks, boat shuttle and 3 Reeds! [more]

July 24   Unknown Loom 
Unknown Weave Width:52" Shafts:4 Oakland, California $1600 Good This loom is a bit worn but it's in orking condition. The first harness sometimes sticks a little and needs a touch of adjustment from time to time, but it [more]

July 22    
65 Glimakra Countermarche:65 inch, 8 harness, 10 treadles, overhead beater, second warp beam,texsolvheddles and tie ups,multiple reeds & extra tie bars,harness holders, lease sticks & warp separator sticks,front cloth [more]

July 20   Antique TableLoom 
Antique TableLoom:12 dent reed, metal heddles. Located on Vancouver Island. $100 obo. Email Andrea. [more]

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