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Fiber Arts Related Links

Some of our favorite links.


• Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection
University of Wisconsin, Madison. The size and scope of the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, along with its related programs, make it an outstanding resource for scholars, designers, students, and members of the community. The complete collection is documented on an interactive video disc. The 21,000 images are completely cross referenced in an accompanying two-volume index. Copies of the videodisc are available for purchase. For further information, call 608/262-1162.

• National Basketry Organization, Inc.
A non-profit corporation dedicated to basketry and everyone who appreciates this unique art form, which is both an ancient craft and modern art. Whether you are a basketmaker, a collector, a novice weaver, a studio artist or someone who simply admires baskets, we think you'll find something of interest in these pages. We welcome your interest. We are a member supported organization, and invite you to join us.

• Textile Society of America
The theme of TSA's 14th Biennial Symposium entitled New Directions: Examining the Past, Creating the Future. Los Angeles, California September 10-14, 2014.

• Alternative Crops Homepage
Information regarding alternative crop research, including kenaf for textiles, under study at Mississippi State University.

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Books (out of print, new, used)

• Carol Todd's Natural Dyeing Homepage
Natural dyeing information, books and workshops. Includes Natural Dye of the Month recipe.

A resource for machine sewing books, tools and techniques.

• Lu Peters
This website has comprehensive bibliographies of books relating to all areas of the fiber arts, including wearables & sewing, mixed-media, art quilting, embroidery, fashion, knit/crochet, rug hooking, doll making, Sashiko, fabric dyeing, painting, printing, weaving & spinning.

• Bibliofind
More than ten million used and rare books, periodicals and ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world make this the most interesting book-selling site on the Web.

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E-publications (web-based books, mags, articles)

• Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems.

• Elkhorn Mountain Studios
Joanne Hall discusses weaving techniques, helps solve problems with your weaving and your looms, and describes her studio and design work in Clancy, Montana. Your source for Glimakra looms.

• Hand/Eye magazine
The Hand/Eye magazine has beautiful photos and articles chronicling the efforts of artisans in wood, fibers and metal throughout the world. The Hand/Eye Trust supports artisans through the production and distribution of books, documentaries, exhibits, a print and online magazine and grants to small artisan businesses.

• New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails Guidebook
The New Mexico Fiber Artisans coalition was formed in 2005, which succeeded in gaining support from the New Mexico state legislature for funding of a state-wide arts trail. The guidebook features the work of more than 200 New Mexico fiber artists at 71 destinations.

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Galleries (commercial)

• Adire African Textiles
A gallery established to share our love of the creative works of African textile artists, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers, and to make high quality African textiles accessible worldwide. An extensive bibliography

• Alberta Craft Council
The Alberta Craft Council is dedicated to support and develop an Alberta network and sector of craftspeople and studios, and to recognize contemporary and heritage crafts as significant art forms that contribute to Alberta's culture.

• Artwear, a fiber arts gallery and studio
Simple, elegant clothing either made here or by other designers. A great selection of garment patterns, supplies and embellishments for the fiber artist. Fiber ats classes and sewing lessons also offered.

• Cameron Trading Post
Find Navajo rugs, beadwork, baskets, dyecharts, blankets and more.

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Industrial (manufacturers)

• Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Australia's CSIRO is an independent statutory authority . Check out the latest innovations in Agribusiness, Textiles, Clothing and Footwear.

• The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA)
The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) represents 1300 vendors around the US, aiding them to sponsor educational and charity efforts in order to promote the needlearts. Major trade shows each year (San Diego CA, Columbus OH and Nashville TN) help vendors connect.

• Wool and Yarn, the UK Woollen Directory
A directory for information related to the wool and yarn industry in the United Kingdom on a variety of subjects including retailers, wool and yarn related history and other aspects of crafts and working with materials, such asthe different types of wool and yarn, gauges and tensions and how they affect the craft and also a handy needle sizes guide for those working with wool and yarn.

• Polyester Fiber
Fiber Partner is a global supplier of environment friendly staple polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber & industrial yarn. Contact us on +45 79 44 77 22 or email at

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Information (educational, historical articles)

• Craft Design Plans
A series of workshop plans (including spinning wheels and looms) by David Bryant started over 20 years ago in response to requests from woodworkers.

• Craft Revival Digital Documentation
The Craft Revival project's primary objective is to create a web-based digital history documenting the Craft Revival movement that occurred in western North Carolina from 1895 to1945. A main component of the project is a virtual collection of documents, photographs, craft objects, and artifacts that tells the story of the Craft Revival. This virtual collection, along with several others, is maintained by Western Carolina University's Hunter Library.

• Damask Weavers' Network
The International Damask weavers' Network supports this site as a source for information about exhibits, current trends, equipment and other aspects of damask and related weaving techniques. Past issues of the newsletters are available.

• Descendants of the Incas
This site is brought to you by the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Peru, a special project of Cultural Survival, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nilda Callañaupa living in Cusco, Peru serving as Project Coordinator. Numerous photos of the local weaving culture, as well as textiles.

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Links (Lists of links)

• Ron's List of Fiber-Related Lists
Ron Parker has compiled a mighty list of sites related to textiles.

• Charitable Crafters
Charitable Crafters is a Duluth, MN based non profit group that seeks to inspire those that knit, sew, crochet, spin, weave, and quilt to make items for charitable donation.

• Cyber Goats
A site about goats for goat fans. Links to hair and fleece goat producers, among many others.

• Textile Links
A very nice collection of links compiled by Rosemary Brock. Rosemary was the original Weaving Guide at the Mining Company (now known as Her list of great links continues to grow, now with Google Ads.

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Museums (collections, exhibits, information)

• African Crafts Online
Products by many African artisans, books, CDs and free instructions for making simple African looms. Contributions are welcome!

• American Textile Museum
Lowell, Massachusetts, adjacent to Lowell's National Historical park. The collection includes thousands of books, manuscripts and images, millions of textile samples and hundreds of textile-making machines. Purchase a weaving based on authentic designs.

• Fashion Institute of Technology
The Gallery, Case Sudies, Student Showcase and other areas of the site are informative and always changing. Be sure to visit the permanent exhibit: Fashion and Textile History Gallery.

• George Washington University Textile Museum
Washington, D.C. USA's newest cultural destination joins The Textile Museum with the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection. The museum fosters the study and appreciation of art, history, and culture.

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• Adopt-A-Native Elder Program (Navajo weavers)
A non-profit organization which enables elder Navajo (Dine') to live in the traditional manner. Financed through yarn donations, an on-line rug gallery and annual Rug Show and Sale. POB 3401, Park City, UT 84060 Phone: (435) 649-0535 e-mail:

• afghans for Afghans
afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that is sending hand-knit and crocheted blankets to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan.

• Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds, Inc.
The Arizona Federation represents guilds from all over Arizona, and sponsors a biennial conference of fiber arts in even-numbered years. Newsletters subscriptions are available.

• Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco
Descendants Of The Incas fulfills one of the major goals of the Center For Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Peru: to share information with you and others about the Native American culture of the Andes. The Center's overall purpose is to help preserve and celebrate Andean textiles and assist their makers in carrying on a tradition practiced for more than 2000 years. The Center is fortunate to have Nilda Callañaupa living in Cusco, Peru serving as Project Coordinator.

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• Softweave: Jane Eisenstein's Weaving
Weaver and software developer Jane Eisenstein provides complete articles on her weaving techniques, an online double weave program and a downloadable program for converting wif drafts to tiff graphics (Wif2Tif) software. View her gallery of woven art.

• Planned/Intentional Pooling
Planned pooling occurs when yarn that has a repeating sequence of colors is knit using a certain number of stitches to achieve distinct patterns. Use this online calucator for viewing and saving your patterns.

• Todays Treasure Vintage Knit Crochet Pattern Shop
Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns feature mens, misses and childs clothing and accessories. Also included is home decor Doilies, Bedspreads and Tablecloths. These Knit and Crochet Patterns are great fun to view, as well as create.

• Kathryn's Favorite Free Knitting Patterns
Find free knitting patterns for beginners and pros alike. Each pattern is easy enough for beginners but contains variations for every level of knitter. Also find book reviews, articles, links to yarn and other supplies, and off-line and online bookstores.

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Personal Pages and Blogs

• Textile Travels
Visit Burma, Thailand, the Philipines, and Cambodia through the Travlin' Weaver Kathleen Johnson's informative essays, slide shows and other documentation.

• Weaverly
Alice Schlein's blog about her experiences at AVL in Chico, teaching a class on Photoshop Design for the Jacquard loom

• Weaving a Life
"Weaving a Life" - writings about weaving, peace, sustainability and life. Terri writes about the endless possibilities with Saori weaving as she explores it through her own weaving as well as workshops. Terri has facilitated the weaving of peace banners created by over 500 people.

Bren's explorations in various aspects of weaving.

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Publications (print mags, periodicals)

• Selvedge
Selvedge... offers the world's finest textile photography, unparalleled design and peerless writing Open a copy of Selvedge and you sense there is a philosophy that Selvedge readers subscribe to. A belief system based on a cerebral and sensual addiction to textiles in all forms. Readers share a belief in the importance of their material surroundings and a passion for the beautiful and beautifully made. Our aim is simple: to provide a textile publication which fits seamlessly into their creative lifestyle. Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping.

• Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine
The HGA award-winning quarterly journal features a broad spectrum of articles about the fiber arts, including design, history, shows, education, products, books, national and international textile news, as well as updates about HGA programs and people, and information received from local and regional guilds. A subscription to Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine is included as a benefit of membership in HGA.

• Collins Publications
Specializing in how to books for sewing for profit and self-publishing, plus Back Issues of The Business Of Sewing Newsletter.

• International Camelid Quarterly
CQ was established in 2002, and is focused on the development of the camelid industry worldwide. Each issue is available to the public online within 2 weeks after publication, and a complete archive of every article is available to members.

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Reference (dictionaries, tables, product care)

• Kuler
Adobe Labs hosts an interactive site that enables the generation of limitless color palettes and a library of other user's creations.

• Ultimate Guide of How to Remove Stains From Clothes
An extensive list of resources for removing nearly any kind of stain from textiles.

• Bill Koepp's Weaving Stuff
Bill's been building weaving aids for years. Here you'll find many of his ideas, clearly documented.

• Federal Trade Commission (US) Textile Care Information
Labeling and precautionary advice for all textiles.

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Schools (universities, trade schools, vocational, technical)

• Lillstreet Art Center Textiles Department
Lillstreet's Textile Arts department is a growing community interested in traditional and contemporary craft media. Our newly renovated sewing studio offers an industrial sewing machine, overlock and serger machines. Our print on paper and fabric classes feature a remodeled dark room with a state-of-the-art UV vacuum We have students from a variety of backgrounds, from professional artists who sell at art fairs, online shops, and consignment, to all levels of artists developing skills to build their portfolio. Visit the Textiles Department Blog for more information and links to additional resources.


• The Chicago weaving School
Day, evening, and weekend classes in loom weaving and basketry on the north side of Chicago. All levels, beginners welcome. Enrollment is ongoing and students work at their own pace.

• The Marshfield School of Weaving
The Center for Traditional Textile Studies was founded in 1976 by Norman Kennedy to teach the methods of textile production as practiced by professional handweavers of rural Britain and America in the 18th & 19th centuries. Classes on spinning, weaving and dyeing.

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• Arahne Cad/Cam Software for Weaving
A software company, specialized in developing CAD/CAM systems for weaving. ArahWeave is a Linux based program, Windows compatible. Free demo available.

• knitPro 2.0
knitPro is a PHP (web based) application that translates your digital images into Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, Crochet and Knitting charts. Download the software and install it on your own website.

• Open Source Jacquard Loom
OSLOOM (short for OPEN SOURCE LOOM) is a project to create an open source electromechanical thread-controlled floor loom that will be computer controlled. Jacquard looms like this exist commercially but they are very expensive (upwards of $60,000) which puts them out of reach for individuals and small educational facilities. The OSLOOM could be produced way more economically than that and truly revolutionize what the studio weaver could accomplish. The idea of a DIY open source loom is one that not only artists could benefit from but many schools and art centers could gain a resource by building one of these looms.

• Cochenille Design Studio
Cochenille's software for Craftspeople and Textile Artists is sophisticated, yet easy to use. Knitting softweare, Stitch Painter, Garment Styler, Stitch Editor. Free fashion newsletter.

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Supplies, Material Sources, Equipment

• AB Gunnar Andersson Looms
Andersson and Glimakra looms, plus hundreds of weaving tools and accessories.

• Ashford Spinning Wheel Company
New Zealand manufacturer of numerous models of spinning wheels and accessories. An online equipment catalog, Helpline and subscription form for a yearly newsletter. Visitors to the showroom, factory, and craft village are welcome.

• BEKA, Inc. Hand Made Wood Products
BEKA has been making rigid heddle looms, weaving frames, and weaving accessories since 1973.

• Bluster Bay Woodworks
Terry Lavallee 804 Airport Way Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-263-4600 Bluster Bay Woodworks produces exquisite weaving shuttles and yarn swifts, handmade from an assortment of beautiful hardwoods. Each item is hand-buffed, resulting in tools that are silky smooth. Each has a luster and warmth, and is a delight to the touch.

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Studios (commercial weavers)

• Marketplace
MarketPlace is a leading textile Fair Trade non-profit organization that provides access to global markets for low-income Indian women by using design to bridge the gap between skills and markets. This season the Artisans chose to explore the concept of Beauty. What is beauty? Who gets to decide? And why do we care?

• Tapestries by Sarah Swett
In tapestry, the image is the fabric-- without the former, the latter is merely a pile of yarn. The artist, then, creates order; she tells stories, builds images and captures moments in time in cloth even as they unfold. Tapestry infiltrates my dreams, builds my biceps, thrills me to the bone and drives me to tears. When I was seven I turned scraps of yarn into a magic carpet. I am still at it.

• Bergdala Spinnhus
Kerstin Fröberg makes clothing, accessories, home furnishings and academic dress in Sweden, but sometimes she just plays. Horsehair weaving workshops are a specialty.

• Bullen's Wullens Homepage
The home of ReadySpin, WullyBully Kits and other RealWool products. Pat also teaches spinning and dyeing.

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• Mano-de-Oaxaca
A Web site offering an intimate glimpse into the world of the potters and weavers of Oaxaca and a delectable menu of hands-in-the-mud workshops and backcactus tours into the land of Oaxaca's great artisans.

• Textile Odyssey Tour to Southwest China
Nov. 1 to 18, 2010 - Visit villages and towns in remote areas of southwest China where many ethnic groups continue ancient dress and textile traditions. As they move about in the rhythm of their daily lives, we will see groups such as the Nisu Yi with their embroidered “fanny flaps”, the Hani in their finely braided garments, the Medium Horn Miao with their elaborate hairdos and handcrafted costumes of fine batik and embroidery, the Dong with their elegant indigo outfits and hand-pleated skirts. In their homes, master artisans will demonstrate silk-felting, weaving, batik, piecework appliqué, calendaring, indigo-dyeing, etc.

• Art Workshops in Guatemala
Art Workshops in Guatemala strives to provide a new and renewing experience for creative souls. Through contact with a world so different from our own we expand our horizons - not only artistically - but also in many other ways.

• Dalton Textile Tours
Dalton Textile Tours was founded by Pat Dalton to share with other needlework enthusiasts the beauty of textiles produced in Asia. Tours visit locations focusing on embroidery; including visits to artists at work, museums, silk producers, and touring the National Embroidery Research Institute in Suzhou. While the focus is on textile arts in China and Hong Kong, groups also visit historical monuments and sites. Garments purchased in China are also available via the website.

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