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July 14   Beautiful Pipy Spinning Wheel $225 
Pipy Saxony type spinning wheel. Used very little and in excellent shape. Comes with two bobbins. $225<br&g5<br>Location: Raymond, [more]

July 13   Handmade Spinning Wheel 
Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Jacksonville, Florida $350 Good This is a handcrafted English spinning wheel purwheel purchased in 1976. It is approximately 125 years old. It owns a lot of character. The original eye and flyer hooks [more]

July 13   Schacht Loom 
Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:8 Westmont, Illinois $2000 Very Good Schacht Mighty Wolf, 36" weaving; weaving width, 8 shafts/10 treadles, high castle, includes 10 dent reed, lease sticks, raddle, shuttle & bobbins, [more]

June 22   Nice Spinning Wheel  
Beautiful kit maple spinning wheel. Comes with another bobbin, distaff and kniddy knoddy. 5/8" orifice, orifice, single drive. Main wheel measures 21" and whorl measures [more]

June 21   Pat Green Three Drum Supercard 
Lightly used. Unavailable from Pat Green now. Cash only. Local pick up pick up only. Photos available.<br>Location: Drain Oregon (Near [more]

June 15   ashford Spinning Wheel 
ashford Weave Width: Shafts: Springboro, OH $300 Very Good Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel, single drive. L drive. Lazy Kate, bobbins, 2nd flyer for fine [more]

May 17   In search of Lendrum woolee winder 
Looking for Lendrum Woolee Winder for folding Lendrum spinning wheel.<br>Location: Geneva, Il [more]

May 9   Lenox Fieona high castle For sale 
Lenox Fieona high castle For sale. Solid cherry high castle wheel and chair. Custom made in 2005. Used very lid very little. Three bobbins, three whorls and built in Kate. [more]

May 5   Timbertops Beaver Accelerating Wheel 
Timbertops Beaver production spinning wheel in smoked oak with 2-2 speed whorls, 6 bobbins and hook in the tabn the table. This is a Williamson wheel in excellent condition<br>Location: Seattle [more]

April 29   Wanted: Strauch Drum Carder 
Do you have a Strauch Drum Carder you no longer need/want? I'm looking for a gently used one.....tell me whatl me what you have and your asking price. Will consider any Strauch model, manual or motorized... Since I doubt anyone [more]

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