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May 17   avl Warping Wheel 
avl Warping Wheel with Cross Maker for sale avl Warping Wheel with cross maker for sale in central/SW Arkansas Arkansas. Email for photos or more information. [more]

May 12   Majacraft Overdrive Head, Flyer, and 2 Bobbins This is  
Majacraft Overdrive Head, Flyer, and 2 Bobbins This is the Overdrive Head that was designed by Majacraft to hoaft to hold an enormous amount of spun yarn. They claim it holds 5 times whatone of their Jumbo bobbins will hold. This [more]

May 11   Jumbo/Plying Head, Flyer, and 3 Bobbins This is the Jumbo/Playing  
Jumbo/Plying Head, Flyer, and 3 Bobbins This is the Jumbo/Playing Head that goes with the Lendrum dt Spinning Spinning Wheel. Include are 2 Lendrum bobbins and 2 Akerworks bobbin for this flyer. This bobbin is hugh and holds 8-10 [more]

May 11   Lendrum DT Folding Spinning Wheel 
I have for sale a Lendrum Double Treadle spinning wheel, with 4 bobbins, the regular and fast flyers, and the and the Lazy Kate. I am asking $575 and I will play shipping cost.<br>Location: Boonville, [more]

May 11   Lendrum dt Folding Spinning Wheel 
Lendrum dt Folding Spinning Wheel I am offering my Lendrum spinning wheel for sale. It is about 7 years old anrs old and has only had one owner. It is in excellent condition. Along with the wheel, this ad includes the tensioned [more]

May 11   Lendrum Jumbo/Plying Head and Bobbins 
This is the Jumbo/Plying Head for the Lendrum Folding Wheel. Included are 3 bobbins - two from Lendrum, and aum, and a extra large bobbin from Akerworks, which hold 8-10 oz of spun yarn.<br>Location: Boonville, [more]

May 11   Majacraft Aura Spinning Wheel 
I have a used Majacraft Aura Spinning Wheel for sale. This wheel has a unique double drive system which requiich required a bit of a learning curve, but once mastered, you will find it will spin anything from lace weight to lofty [more]

May 11   Majacraft Aura Spinning Wheel 
Majacraft Aura Spinning Wheel This is a used Majacraft Aura Spinning Wheel. It comes with two bobbins. More bo. More bobbins can be ordered through a Majacraft dealer or from Akerworks bobbins. The Aura has a unique double drive [more]

May 11   Majacraft Overdrive Head, Flyer, and 2 Bobbins 
This is the Overdrive Head designed to accommodate large quantities of spun yarn. Majacraft says it will holdwill hold 5 times what their jumbo bobbins hold. It will fit the Aura wheel as is, but can also be used with the Rose [more]

May 8   Unknown Spinning Wheel 
Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Oxford, Ohio $500 Needs Work There are 3 different wheels available - 2 of them aof them are great wheels and 1 is a smaller traditional spinning wheel. Located in Oxford, Ohio - contact to make [more]

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