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April 21   Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel 
Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel Walnut, tension knob needs replacing otherwise islike new, local pick up only $4p only [more]

April 18   Schacht Matchless Wheel 
Schacht Matchless Wheel The Matchless is the Cadillac of spinning wheels selling for $650 image1 (28) . Made o . Made of solid maple, this wheel is a single treadle, Double Drive with Scotch Tension. Comes with a tension Lazy Kate, [more]

April 6   Single treadle Schacht matchless wheel 
Single treadle Schacht matchless wheel, 4 bobbins and lazy kate. Nice wheel passing along to someone else. Prielse. Price is firm at $ 550.00. Buyer pays shipping. Would rather pick up from NE [more]

April 6   Spinning wheel 
Spinning wheel for sale Shaker style chair wheel made by Ernest Mason in Portland, Oregon in 1979. Asking $500king $500. Cherry wood, single treadle, double drive,3 bobbins, 2 additional speed control whorls. Gently used by one [more]

April 4   Louet Hatbox Spinning Wheel 
This portable wheel has a lazy Kate and 3 bobbins. The wheel is in excellent condition and is an orgional andional and not the anniversary addition. [more]

March 29   Louet mini combs and Clemens cotton carders 
Louet mini combs and Clemens cotton carders Louet mini combs, double row tines. In good shape. $80. Clemes cotlemes cotton carders, curved backs, in good shape. [more]

March 29   New Voyager Trading, who is the us distributer of these Polish-made wheels 
New Voyager Trading, who is the us distributer of these Polish-made wheels, offers manuals, videos, and reallynd really responsive customer support. New the wheel sells for $800 and the stool sells for $120 -- $920 total [more]

March 29   Schacht double treadle with all accessories $1050 
Schacht double treadle with all accessories $1050.00 Shacht spinning wheel double treadle with all accessoriescessories (tensioned lazy kate,extra bobbins , carrying strap etc) . Brand new condition. Top quality wheel. This one was [more]

March 25   Clemes & Clemes Carder 
Clemes & Clemes Weave Width: Shafts: Tucson, AZ $250 Very Good Clemes and Clemes drum carder, hardly used.dly used. It needs a new pulley belt/cord/cable for the drive wheels. It's only been used one, and then it has sit for [more]

March 22   Schacht matchless double treadle wheel 
Schacht matchless double treadle spinning wheel with extra bobbins,high speed bobbin,high speed whorl,wooler w,wooler winder(new)($225.00 value),carry strap and other accessories $1050.00 for all. Call (513)388-6384. Buyer pays [more]

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