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May 20   32" 8-shaft Ashford table loom - $750 
Selling a 32" (weaving width) 8-shaft Ashford table loom in excellent condition. It is less than a year o a year old. Includes 1240 heddles, a 12-dent reed, Handi-Handle, lease and warp sticks, 2 stick shuttles, raddle, [more]

May 20   45" Leclerc Colonial v1 Counterbalance/Jack loom - $900 
Selling a 45" (weaving width) Leclerc Colonial v1 8-shaft jack/4-shaft counterbalance loom. The loom is iloom is in great condition and all pieces are included to configure the loom as jack or counterbalance. It includes the [more]

May 18   Handmade Beater bar handle 
Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Beloit, Wisconsin $25 New Handmade beater bar handle should fit most looms. Attaoms. Attaches to top of beater with four screws. $25 each plus [more]

May 18   Tyler hand made in New Zealand) Loom 
Tyler hand made in New Zealand) width: 36", harnesses: 4 Yellow Springs, OH $950 Excellent This 4 harness4 harness, 36" loom was made in New Zealand by Charlie Tyler. He hand built looms and spinning wheels in the 70's. [more]

May 18   Union Union loom 
Union Weave Width: Shafts: Beloit, Wisconsin $25 New Handmade wooden warp beam crank for some Union weaving loeaving looms (ones that have round protruding wooden extension). $25 plus [more]

May 17   Crisp "Ruthie" Tapestry Loom 
60" Crisp "Ruthie" tapestry loom in excellent condition; c. 1970s; two harness, made of hard maf hard maple with walnut and oak components; mortise and tenon joints for stable construction and easy assembly. Asking [more]

May 15   Louet Jane, Stand, and Accessories 
Lie new Louet Jane table loom, 8 harnesses, stand, warping pin, 10-dent and 12-dent reeds. Paid $1535 for the for the package. Selling for $1000, and I will deliver within 4 hours of Roseburg. Cash only.<br>Location: [more]

May 13   Cambridge Loom 
Cambridge Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Shopiere, Wisconsin $425 Good Cambridge 45 inch, Floor Rug Loom. Four harnesur harness, Counter balanced. 6 treadles. Was formerly used by a blind person for his rug income. Needs some sanding. [more]

May 13   Gilmore Loom 
Gilmore width: 42-45, harnesses: 4 San Diego, California $1800 Excellent The loom's dimensions are 28" de" deep by 48" wide. Height is 39". The loom is maple wood, and I'm going to guess it's at least 35 years [more]

May 13   Thought Products Loom 
Thought Products Weave Width:60 Shafts:8 Shopiere, Wisconsin $5500 Very Good Barbara V Loom by Thought Productt Products. Admirable craftsmanship. Large, 60 inches wide , 8 harnesses. Special ability to be changed to three [more]

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