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January 14   Glimakra 60"  
Older Glimakra 60" countermarche loom. Used in studio for 10 years, it is a workhorse! It is completely dpletely disassembled and I can deliver if necessary. The foot print is 72 inches by 72 inches. No assembly instructions, [more]

January 11   Newcomb (Studio) Loom 
Newcomb (Studio) Weave Width:46" Shafts:4 Ahwahnee, CA. $700 Very Good Newcomb (Studio) Loom, 46" Wi" Width, 4 Shaft, 6 Pedals. Very Good condition. $700.00. Can be shipped at buyer's expense or picked up in [more]

January 11   Norwood Loom 
Norwood Weave Width:any Shafts:8 Sarasota, FL $1000 Very Good In search of an 8 shaft Norwood loom (or similarr similar jack loom) in great condition, hoping to spend less than $1500 but maybe more for the right [more]

January 7   Union Loom 
Union Loom - Rag Rug Weaver's Dream Great condition, heavy and durable Two-Harness Counterbalance Loom . Weavim . Weaving width is 38 & 1/2 inches. Overall frame dimensions: w 44 & 1/4 inches; l 40 inches; h 32 inches. Loom [more]

January 6   Macomber Type B Folding Loom 
56 inch weaving width rising shed sytle loom. Ad-a-Harness loom includes 4 harnesses and 6 treadles. Include Includes reed with 15 dents per inch and additional equipment. $1400 cash only; must be moved by purchaser from second [more]

January 4   Glimakra band loom 
band loom, weave up to 6 inch wide bands, several yards long, using 2 treadles or pick up patterns $375 unab375 unable to ship<br>Location: Morristown, [more]

January 4   Leclerc Mira 45 inch, 4 harness loom 
Leclerc Mira 45 inch, 4 harness loom for sale [more]

January 4   Norwood cherry X-frame floor loom 
4H, 6T, 30" weaving width Norwood cherry X-frame floor loom on wheels with approx. 500 wire heddles (no rles (no rust), texsolv heddle tie-up (no chains), one reed (10D, 30"), two stick shuttles, one heddle hook, one reed [more]

January 3   40" 4 Harness Norwood Loom 
40" Cherry Norwood Loom 4 Harness; two reeds; large eye and regular heddles; bench and various accessorieccessories. $450<br>Location: Great Barrington [more]

January 3   AVL or Louet or? Loom 
AVL or Louet or? Weave Width:35-48" Shafts:16 Cottage Grove, OR $1 Very Good ISO compudobby loom, 35 to 4, 35 to 48" weaving width, 16 harness, AVL or Louet or ?. Looking for something in the Pacific Northwest, up to 2 [more]

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