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March 17   Loom 
Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom $500 located in Seattle, WA. Beautiful 4 shaft 6 treadle. Loomcraft 40 inch weaving widaving width with matching bench. Has been well maintained and used regularly. Professionally converted by woodworker to a [more]

March 14   6 LeClerc Nilus floor loom 
6 LeClerc Nilus floor loom4 shaft,6 treadle,36 weaving width.Approx. 47 wide x 44 high x 39 deep.Needs a reed.s a reed. I bought this from my school, theyd just gotten a donation of new looms in, and they couldnt fit them all. I [more]

March 13   Studio Handcraft Loom 
Studio Handcraft width: 24, harnesses: 8 Huntington Beach, CA $275 Good Table loom with stand. Loom was refurbas refurbished and works well. 10 DPI reed.. Included stand is hand made similar to manufacture design. Local pick up [more]

March 9   Leclerc four harness table loom 
Leclerc four harness table loom. 24 inch weaving width. Includes 1 reed. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.Columbia. $200.00 Please contact by [more]

February 28   Norwood, Schacht, others Loom 
Norwood, Schacht, others width: 36, harnesses: 8 Bloomington, IN $1000 Excellent I am looking for an 8 shaft f8 shaft floor loom between 32"-40". Open to brands, but Norwood or Schacht, something similar to either of [more]

February 27   LeClerc Voyageur 16 shaft table loom 
LeClerc Voyageur 16 shaft table loom with stainless steel 12 dent reed, 24 weaving width, only 8 months old anhs old and used only once, includes all original accessories. $1200 .Located in Clinton, Washington.$1200. Please contact [more]

February 27   LeClerc Voyageur 8 shaft table loom 
LeClerc Voyageur 8 shaft table loom, 9.5 weaving width, carry bag, 12 dent stainless steel reed, inserted eye rted eye heddles, with accessories. Excellent condition, about 3 years old. $550. Located in Clinton, Washington.$550 [more]

February 24   45 4 shaft Rio Grande Walking Loom 
45 4 shaft Rio Grande Walking Loom plus many extras.This loom is in superb condition. Im selling it for my motor my mother, who has moved into assisted living. The loom includes various accessories, including shuttles, reeds, and [more]

February 24   Spriggs 7 Adjustable Triangle Shawl/Blanket Frame Loom 
Spriggs 7 Adjustable Triangle Shawl/Blanket Frame Loom and Tripod.Like new, comes with original boxes and acce and accessories. Includes tripod, which is normally an extra cost item.Photos can be viewed [more]

February 20   Rasmussen Loom 
Rasmussen width: 24', harnesses: 4 Newark, DE $300 Excellent This is a rare and efficient loom. [more]

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