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Fiber Arts Reference


Adobe Labs hosts an interactive site that enables the generation of limitless color palettes and a library of other user's creations.

Ultimate Guide of How to Remove Stains From Clothes

An extensive list of resources for removing nearly any kind of stain from textiles.

Bill Koepp's Weaving Stuff

Bill's been building weaving aids for years. Here you'll find many of his ideas, clearly documented.

Federal Trade Commission (US) Textile Care Information

Labeling and precautionary advice for all textiles.

Online Textile Dictionary

A 16 language multimedia dictionary with 2000 terms for textiles and clothing.

Bashkir Curly Horse information

Learn about the Bashkir Curly Horse. The naturally curly coat, including the soft mane and tail, shed out each spring.


Knotwe is an online hub for fiber arts learning, resources, news, ideas, and reviews. Knotwe is a craft community platform for traditional practices and insights into technological innovations in the fiber arts, textile & surface design. Get to know Knotwe Labs which hosts tutorials, and webinars for Knotwe members on fiber related news, interviews, technical demonstrations and much more.

SEW-lutions Guidelines

Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA) brings you SEW-lutions Guidelines - educational articles in pdf format. All aspects of sewing are covered, including sewing with handwovens.


A site for experimenting with and designing colour palettes, with databases of user created colour patterns, discussion areas and industry trends.

Dictionaries of Textile Terms

Scroll down to Textiles for many dictionaries, glossaries and vocabularies.

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