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Links to Fiber Arts Links

Craft Design Plans

A series of workshop plans (including spinning wheels and looms) by David Bryant started over 20 years ago in response to requests from woodworkers.

Craft Revival Digital Documentation

The Craft Revival project's primary objective is to create a web-based digital history documenting the Craft Revival movement that occurred in western North Carolina from 1895 to1945. A main component of the project is a virtual collection of documents, photographs, craft objects, and artifacts that tells the story of the Craft Revival. This virtual collection, along with several others, is maintained by Western Carolina University's Hunter Library.

Damask Weavers' Network

The International Damask weavers' Network supports this site as a source for information about exhibits, current trends, equipment and other aspects of damask and related weaving techniques. Past issues of the newsletters are available.

Descendants of the Incas

This site is brought to you by the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Peru, a special project of Cultural Survival, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nilda Callañaupa living in Cusco, Peru serving as Project Coordinator. Numerous photos of the local weaving culture, as well as textiles.

Leclerc Looms

Leclerc Looms produces several of the most commonly owned loom models in North America. The recently developed WeaveBird, a 24 shaft computerized loom, has gained high praise from weavers. A new weaving patttern is offered every other month, and two complete books of weaving basics are available free for download.

Paula Burch's All About Hand Dyeing

Prolific information about all aspects of hand dyeing including clearly written technical information, forums, FAQs, links to suppliers, instructions and a gallery.

The Weavers' Friend

The website is a repository of loom manuals, general weaving questions, documentaries of loom restorations. Find a manual, contribute a manual, or sign up for The Weavers Friend Newsletter.

Woad--Sarah's Natural Colour

Sarah Dalziel has been developing a strain of Dyer's Woad for Canada's climate. She shares her research results as well as the historical current and future use of woad as a sustainable dye source.

Macrame Lovers Blog

Macrame Lovers Blog is a resource for macramé lovers from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. We update our blog constantly with the most up to date information on the craft of macrame, including tutorials on how to macramé, members photos of projects, ideas, tips an inspiration for all macramé lovers.

Marla Mallett: Textiles and Tribal Oriental Rugs

Marla Mallett specializes in Oriental textiles. The website holds 5,000 images of kimono, rugs, bags and embroideries, tips on storing and displaying textiles and reading lists for each area of interest.

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