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Fiber Arts e-Publication Links

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems.

Elkhorn Mountain Studios

Joanne Hall discusses weaving techniques, helps solve problems with your weaving and your looms, and describes her studio and design work in Clancy, Montana. Your source for Glimakra looms.

Hand/Eye magazine

The Hand/Eye magazine has beautiful photos and articles chronicling the efforts of artisans in wood, fibers and metal throughout the world. The Hand/Eye Trust supports artisans through the production and distribution of books, documentaries, exhibits, a print and online magazine and grants to small artisan businesses.

New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails Guidebook

The New Mexico Fiber Artisans coalition was formed in 2005, which succeeded in gaining support from the New Mexico state legislature for funding of a state-wide arts trail. The guidebook features the work of more than 200 New Mexico fiber artists at 71 destinations.

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics

Repository of weaving books, pamphlets, magazines and reference material, scanned and compiled by the late Ralph Griswold, professor of Computer Science at Arizona State University.


A free online weaving magazine, designed with both the beginner and advanced weavers in mind.

Hairpin Lace Tutorials

Photo-based tutorials for crochet, Tunisian crochet, hairpin lace and knitting.

Craft a Guild

Craft a Guild is an e-book and website designed to help you find information about starting a fiber arts guild, finding a guild that meets your interests, or advancing the mission of your existing guild. Keeping guilds active and healthy takes the time and energy of countless volunteers. Craft a Guild will show you how.

Art, Design and Visual Thinking

An online interactive textbook by Charlotte Jirousek at Cornell University, US. The complete course syllabus is available.

Bonnie Datta Handweaver

Bonnie offers monographs on Crackle, Table Weaving, Flessbergplegg and more.

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