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Eight Shaft Huck Lace Diamonds (for floor looms)
Submitted by Susan Harvey

Threading Guide
F = 28282
E = 17171
D = 26262
C = 15151
B = 24242
A = 13131

Plain weave borders
212121 Right edge (as needed)
21212 Left edge (as needed)

If edges are more than 1/2" wide, it is recommended these be weighted separately due to take up over lace areas or to use a second warp beam. Alternatively, one could weave a short piece, cut it off, and re-tie the warp to the cloth beam.

The recommended sett based on the photo ad in Handwoven, March/April 2000 page 31 is 2/20 mercerized cotton, at 38 epi in a 15 dent reed, sleyed 2-3-2-3. Keep the core three threads of the lace groups together in one dent.

With a countermarche loom, all shafts are tied to upper and lower lamms. With this lace, it will mean raising 2 against 6. I tied 4 extra treadles to the "lighter" lamms to balance. I recommend either tieing up the extra lamms or adding weights to the 2. I am not aware of any balance problems with jack looms.

Download .wif file.

Alternate Floor Loom Version
Table Loom Version

Weaving in loom state, gently pressed.

Weaving after soaking for 20 minutes, swished vigorously, rinsed and pressed till dry.