Laura Fry's 12 Colour Gamps
by Yvonne Coopmans

These gamps are woven in 8/2 cotton. I threaded mine in the order of the colour wheel, with black and white together on one side.

Tabby Gamp
The gamp was threaded at 8 epc (20 epi) to a width of 45.7 cm. (18 in.) in the reed, 41.8 cm. (16.75 in.) after finishing. Each colour was wound with 30 threads, so in the reed they were 3.8 cm. (1.5 in.) and woven square. Each colour after washing and drying on medium heat in a dryer is 3.5 cm (1.25 in.) square.

Twill Gamp
Threaded at 9.6 epc (24 epi) to a width of 40.6 cm ( 16 in) in the reed. The piece measures 30.5 cm (12.25 in.)

I wove this asymmetrically, weaving each colour a little longer than it was wide, because I had a lot of surplus warp. The finished piece measures 33.6 X 42.4 cm (13.25 X 16.75 in.). Each colour is 2.5 X 4.3 cm. (1 X 1.75 in.).

This was my first colour gamp, and I really enjoyed seeing the colours interacting before my eyes. These are so fun to look at that I keep them out, and will make sure they have a place on the wall of my studio when I get it set up!

Tabby version.

Twill version.