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Links to Fiber Arts Related Tours


A Web site offering an intimate glimpse into the world of the potters and weavers of Oaxaca and a delectable menu of hands-in-the-mud workshops and backcactus tours into the land of Oaxaca's great artisans.

Textile Odyssey Tour to Southwest China

Nov. 1 to 18, 2010 - Visit villages and towns in remote areas of southwest China where many ethnic groups continue ancient dress and textile traditions. As they move about in the rhythm of their daily lives, we will see groups such as the Nisu Yi with their embroidered “fanny flaps”, the Hani in their finely braided garments, the Medium Horn Miao with their elaborate hairdos and handcrafted costumes of fine batik and embroidery, the Dong with their elegant indigo outfits and hand-pleated skirts. In their homes, master artisans will demonstrate silk-felting, weaving, batik, piecework appliqué, calendaring, indigo-dyeing, etc.

Art Workshops in Guatemala

Art Workshops in Guatemala strives to provide a new and renewing experience for creative souls. Through contact with a world so different from our own we expand our horizons - not only artistically - but also in many other ways.

Workshop: Fiber Trails of the Upper Rio Grande

Come follow the interwoven strands of southwestern arts, culture, and history on this exploration of fiber arts from fleece to finished product! In northern New Mexico, Navajo and Spanish cultural influences collide with modern influences to create an artistic landscape that is both ancient and dynamic. On this trip, participants indulge their interest in all things wool-related with the added fun of hands-on experience! This is a journey for devotees of southwest arts, culture, and history, in which interested amateurs and full-fledged fiber artists alike will find much to enrich their knowledge and appreciation.

Fiber Arts Tours in Ancient Mexico

We journey in small groups, making our visits personal and meaningful--far off the beaten path, into the calm of old Mexico and directly into the lives of ancient artisans using raw wool, silk and other natural materials. Custom tours available.

PUCHKA Peru, Bolivia Argentina

22 day cultural and textile tours including workshops with spinners, weavers, knitters and more. Includes a visit to Machu Picchu. Oct 12 - Nov 2,2007. We are also touring April 18 - May 9, 2008 and October 2 - Oct. 23, 2008. Please check our website for details.

Textile & Embroidery Tours to IndoChina, Bhutan, Indonesia and India

Small group (max of 10) and independent textile and embroidery tours with a focus on hands-on classes and interaction with local communities and textile artisans.

European Textile Routes

"European Routes Network will be created over the course of the next few years and decades, linking sources and addresses of textile cultural heritage to places of production in art, the crafts and industry. ...Each Textile Contact Point will provide information to the public both on its own regional textile network and the other networks within the European Textile Routes."

Textile Tours to Mexico

Textile Study Tours and Workshops in Oaxaca, Chiapas and other regions of Mexico. Learn of the textile traditions and techniques of weaving, dyeing, spinning and dress in a cultural context.

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