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Supplies (Material and Equipment)

For a complete directory of fiber arts suppliers, please see the Fiber Suppliers directory.

Ashford Spinning Wheel Company

New Zealand manufacturer of numerous models of spinning wheels and accessories. An online equipment catalog, Helpline and subscription form for a yearly newsletter. Visitors to the showroom, factory, and craft village are welcome.

BEKA, Inc. Hand Made Wood Products

BEKA has been making rigid heddle looms, weaving frames, and weaving accessories since 1973.

Bluster Bay Woodworks

Bluster Bay Woodworks produces exquisite weaving shuttles now available to individuals only from our retailers.

Dundas Loom Company

Dundas Loom Company from Missoula, MT. Looms, accessories, and wheels are made start to finish by Steve Dundas. Excellent selection of books and videos.

Gilmore Looms

Fine looms since 1936.

Gowdy Reed Company

Handloom reeds in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. The standard Dents Per Inch (DPI) ranges up to 20. Anything over 20 DPI may cost slightly more. Inserted-eye round nickel-plated steel wire heddles. Available in many lengths, such as 8.5", 9.5", 10.5", and 12.5". Sold in packs of 200, minimum and we sell in lots divisible by 200.

Habu Textiles

Unique yarns and fabrics, most from Japan, some produced on premise in New York city. Silk/stainless steel and linen paper yarns are examples of two of the more unusual offerings.

Stillpoint Farm

Leicester Longwool fleeces available. White and colored.

AVL Looms, Inc.

Chico, California manufacturer of a variety of new and reconditioned looms and accessories.

Dharma Trading Co.

Fiber Arts Supplies for Artists, Craftspersons & Industry. Check out the Product Notes and Info or the Crafts Projects sections.

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