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Fiber Arts Studio Links

Handwoven Artistry Since 1960

Bonnie creates unique blankets, shawls, scarves, wall pieces, and jewelry. She speaks and teaches her trademark techniques in workshops to weaving guilds and conferences throughout the US and Canada.

Jane Porter Designer

Exquisite garments made with hand-dyed, hand-knit cashmere, silk, mohair and other luxury fibers.

Professional Weavers' Network

The PWN was formed in 1981 to promote excellence in the art of weaving and in art textiles in New Zealand. Most members teach, sell and exhibit as independent artists, however the PWN produces exhibits of the member's works from time to time.

Delaware Weaver: Deb McClintock

Deb is a rug weaver, and provides this site as a means for fellow weavers to connect to their textile histories. Information on the restoration of the Greenbank Mill, Laotion weaving, more. Last updated 2001.

Easy Spin Acres

Davis, CA. Handspun and knit hats and scarves from wool and exotic fibers. Navajo rug restorations, doll stuffing, llama figures.

Sharon Alderman Handweaver

Sharon has been weaving nearly every day since 1969 and teaching since 1976. In 2006 she was named one of "Utah's 100 Most Honored Artists". Sharon has authored numerous articles and books. She produces fabrics for interiors and apparel, and offers workshops and seminars on several topics.

Whispering Woodlands

Whispering Woodlands, a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind. Offering classes/workshops in visual arts, fibers, bookmaking, paper making, jewelry, writing and more.

Ancient Arts for the New Millenium, Stanely Bulbach

View or purchase Stanley's wall hangings or contribute to the forum.

Emily DuBois's Weaves

Emily's work incorporates technology and traditional weaving techniques.

fiber supplier

Aubusson House is a working studio and specializes in Tapestry Yarns and Tapestry warp. We give week long workshops four times a year in a beautiful 12 acre estate. Workshop fees are $595.00 Canadian for the week and includes luxury accommodation.

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