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Fiber Arts Personal Page Links

Alice Schlein

Alice Schlein is a weaver and book maker in South Carolina. Author of books on computer-designed weaving.

Weaving a Life

"Weaving a Life" - writings about weaving, peace, sustainability and life. Terri writes about the endless possibilities with Saori weaving as she explores it through her own weaving as well as workshops. Terri has facilitated the weaving of peace banners created by over 500 people.

Bren Ahearn Thread of Masculinity

Bren's explorations in various aspects of weaving.

Fiber Focus

My blog explores fiber art and textiles as potential forces for economic development in communities around the world. I also document local fiber art activities in my own community (Paducah, Kentucky, USA) and my work.

Inga Liksaite - Textiles & Objects

personal website/gallery of Inga Likšait, a textile artist from Kaunas, Lithuania and her unique photographic sewing technique.

Knit Natural

I strive to promote the benefits of natural fibres using classic methods to bring out their best qualities while creating style and function. I offer education, knitwear, handspun yarns, sheep studies and lots more!

Tien Chiu

Photographic essays on fiber-related travel, online classes and essays on esoteric topics.

Ever Embellished

Sarah E. in Texas experiments with various needlework techniques and other textile-related techniques.

Fiber Constructions: Stitched and Tufted

I am an artist working in fiber in New Mexico and Indiana studios. I just started participating in this site to bring my work to a wider audience. Images of my tufted and pieced work can be accessed through my web site. On occasion I will be writing pieces about my concerns as an artist--these will be posted on that site. My first entry introduces my work to viewers. I welcome comments and exchanges of ideas.

Fiber Originals by Joan Renee

Fiber art refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labour on the part of the artist as part of the works' significance, and prioritizes aesthetic value over utility.

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