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Fiber Arts Museum Links

African Crafts Online

Products by many African artisans, books, CDs and free instructions for making simple African looms. Contributions are welcome!

American Textile Museum

Lowell, Massachusetts, adjacent to Lowell's National Historical park. The collection includes thousands of books, manuscripts and images, millions of textile samples and hundreds of textile-making machines. Purchase a weaving based on authentic designs.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Visit our Online Collections. The permanent collection of The Museum at FIT currently includes more than 50,000 garments and accessories, dating from the 18th century to the present. Many of those objects can be viewed online, along with the object's accompanying description and designer information.

George Washington University Textile Museum

Washington, D.C. USA's newest cultural destination joins The Textile Museum with the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection. The museum fosters the study and appreciation of art, history, and culture.

Mary E. Black Virtual Exhibit

The Atlantic Handspinners and Weavers (ASH) Guild was bequeathed the archives of Mary M. Black, and guild members assisted the Nova Scotia Archives in documenting many of the samples used in The New Key to Weaving. Included are photos and biographical information.

Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Dedicated to the promotion and docuementation of Oaxacan textiles.

National Museum of the American Coverlet

The museum uses a variety of educational methods and programs to illustrate and demonstrate the methods of coverlet production.

seamless. computational couture. the sigtronic collection of runway fashion

seamless is part of the when science meets art series at the museum of boston, co-sponsored by the Museum of Science in Boston and presented by Brainy Acts. An amazing collection of technologically enhanced fashions.

Surrey Museum Textile Centre

The Surrey Museum is the first museum built in British Columbia in the 21st century. In addition to exhibits documenting the early days of Surrey, The Textile Centre houses the Textile Studio and Library of Honey Hooser. Honey's custom-made jacquard loom is still operating. Visitors can also browse a collection of Honey's books and patterns and view her work via the museum's virtual collection computer kiosk.

Textile Museum of Canada

The museum, one of eight museums dedicated to the collection, exhibition and documentation of textiles from around the world. Visitors come from around the world to view the collection of more than 12,000 pieces from over 200 countries and regions. The exhibits are always changing and programs are offered throughout the year.

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