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Fiber Arts e-Publication Links

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems.

Hand/Eye magazine

The Hand/Eye magazine has beautiful photos and articles chronicling the efforts of artisans in wood, fibers and metal throughout the world. The Hand/Eye Trust supports artisans through the production and distribution of books, documentaries, exhibits, a print and online magazine and grants to small artisan businesses.

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics

Repository of weaving books, pamphlets, magazines and reference material, scanned and compiled by the late Ralph Griswold, professor of Computer Science at Arizona State University.


A free online weaving magazine, designed with both the beginner and advanced weavers in mind.

Free Fiber Tutorials

Yarn, kits, classes and free photo-based tutorials for crochet, Tunisian crochet, hairpin lace and knitting.

How to Buy Authentic Navajo (Dine) Weavings

"How to Buy Authentic Navajo (Dine) Weavings" is a consumer education brochure published by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board. It offers numerous tips on identifying and purchasing authentic Navajo (Dine) weavings. The publication also includes educational facts on regional weaving styles and designs, and cultural information on the importance of weaving to the Navajo (Din) people. The publication was produced in collaboration with master Din weaver Joyce Begay-Foss and weaving scholar Dr. Kathy M'Closkey.

Navajo (Dine) Weaving

Free publication from the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, U.S. Department of the Interior, to help ID authentic Navajo textiles and support Native American artists.

Art, Design and Visual Thinking

An online interactive textbook by Charlotte Jirousek at Cornell University, US. The complete course syllabus is available.

Textile Society of Hong Kong

The Textile Society of Hong Kong aims to explore all aspects of both traditional and contemporary textiles. The Society intends to satisfy not only those with an established knowledge of textiles - our international membership includes design professionals, museum curators, collectors, historians, textile conservators, dealers and craftspeople - but also members who are just beginning their interest in this broad field. Past issues of newsletters available online.

Frame Loom Instructions

Very nice instructions for building and warping a frame loom.

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