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A Note to Buyers: Please observe the same caution when using these ads as with any other form of advertising. The ads submitted are accepted as is, and we cannot be responsible for the results. If you would like to make changes, please use the Contact Us link.

There are various buying scams in circulation on the web, many involving a buyer (frequently from outsied North America) who is, for various reasons, unable to receive the item by mail or pick it up personally. Instead, they inform you that someone will be sending you a cashier's check for an amount much larger than your asking price, instruct you to cash the check and after doing so, send all but the purchase amount back to them. Then, they or their agent will come by and personally pick up the item. Unfortunately, the checks are almost certainly worthless, and if you follow their instructions, will be out the entire amount, and still will not have sold your item. Communicate with your buyer; ask a few questions.

What Type of Materials Can be Listed?
Any personal spinning, handknitting tool or weaving item in good condition (duplicate knitting needles, shuttles, etc.); kitting or weaving yarn from your personal stash; handspun wool, not done as a commercial effort; raw, clean or dyed animal fibers, from your personal flock (not a commercial or for profit operation); fibers other than wool from your personal stash; unwanted fiberarts related books or periodicals.

What Type Of Materials Cannot be Listed?
Items purchased with intent to resell by individuals, or fiber or equipment re-sellers; items being sold for a third party on commission.

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