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June 10, 2022
TC-1 Loom (Thread Controller 1)... 
This is the original TC-1, purchased originally in 2003. This amazing modern jacquard has the original manual and the following options included: six modules and 1320 heddles, 56 inches wide weaving width, an additional warp beam, a PC shelf and a pair of warp beam side flanges. The product allows for semi-automatic cloth advancing. The original owner was one of the first individuals in the U.S. to own a TC-1 (as opposed to an institution) and it is meant for advanced weavers, and basic computer knowledge is required to run the software (Weave for Windows). This runs with an air compressor and modules may be expanded. Serious offers only entertained.
Location: Foxburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: 724-659-0031
      TC-1 Loom (Thread Controller 1)...

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