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November 11, 2020
Mighty Wolf 4N4L w/ height extender... 
The Mighty Wolf has a weaving width of 36", and uses the same X-frame design as the Baby Wolf. The Mighty Wolf comes with a high castle that includes a handy storage tray. Available in Four Now + Four Later. 4N4L is an eight harness loom shipped with only four harnesses installed, but with the capacity to add an additional four harnesses. Includes inserted red eye heddles, one reed and height extender. The height extender raises the loom two inches, giving the Wolf loom the same weaving height as the Schacht Standard floor looms. Features: Harness Options: 4N4L Steel Hub Friction Brake Brake Release Foot Pedal Aluminum Harness Channels Attached Beater Pin Stainless Steel Heddle Bars Stainless Steel Reed (Choice of 20 or 24 Dent) 2 Lease Sticks 3 Apron Rods 1000 Inserted Eye Heddles Weaving Width - 36" Manual
Location: Plymouth, MA
      Mighty Wolf 4N4L w/ height extender...

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