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June 27   Newcomb Studio 4 Harness Counterbalance Loom 
Newcomb Studio Loom,4 Harness, 45" 12 dpi reed, Sectional Warping Beam Counterbalance Loom. Made of Maple of Maple w/ metal heddles, 6 treadles. Currently dressed for rug making. If your back aches every time you push up that [more]

June 23   30" Norwood Loom 
30" 4 harness Norwood Loom in good condition. Comes with heddles and beater bar. Partially disassembled fsembled for travel.<br>Location: Traverse City [more]

June 15   Macomber B5 Add-A-Harness 42" Loom 
Macomber Loom in good shape. This is a 10 harness, 16 treadle loom. Includes 8, 12, and 15 dent reeds. Is has . Is has been a wonderful loom but I need to downsize. Cash and Venmo only. No checks. <br>Location: Asheville, [more]

June 15   Newcomb Studio 4-Harness loom for sale 
Newcomb Studio 4-harness loom for sale Newcomb Studio 4-harness maple floor loom in excellent condition forition for sale. Sale [more]

June 14   Oak floor loom 
Sturdy oak floor jack style weaving loom in very good condition for sale. Four harnesses, six treadles- 39 1/2s- 39 1/2" wide, 37 1/2" tall from floor to top of castle, 29" depth. Sectional warping beam. Weaving [more]

June 12   Wanted - Glimakra GobelinTapestry loom 
I am looking for Glimakra Gobelin Tapestry l table size or smaller floor loom model. Thanks <br>Locat>Location: New York, NY [more]

May 27   40 inch Gilmore floor loom 
1958 40" Gilmore Floor Loom in great condition<br>Location: Lemmon, SD [more]

May 26   In Search of Dobby Loom 
Looking to purchase a 24-32 shaft dobby loom approximately 32" wide. Would be amazing if it came with a b with a bench and two warp beams. Ideal brand would be a Toika. Willing to travel to pick up. Normally I would be based [more]

May 14   LeClerc Weaving Loom 
36" LeClerc Counterbalance Weaving Loom. Used, good condition. 4 harness, 6 treadles. 28" weaving wieaving width. Footprint is about 36"x 36." Includes sitting bench, 12 dent reed, warping board, yarn swift, [more]

May 11   eight harness loom 
eight harness 65 inch Macomber loom for sale will be glad to supply photos <br>Location: Elizabeth Cizabeth City, [more]

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