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16" Mirrix Big Sister for sale. Includes all items in photo. 3 extra springs, texsolv heddles, extrashedding device and replaced wooden clips. [more]

October 19   Toika Laila 6s/6t Countermarch Loom w/ Extras - $1500 
Immediately available and already assembled -- no waiting for shipping from Finland. Comes with a 10dent reed and a 12-dent reed, 600 Texsolv heddles. original Texsolv tieup cords and instructions. 27" weaving width. Back [more]

October 13   4-harness Hammett Loom 
Loom from UNH dismantled weaving program. Includes at least 2 reeds, misc. tools, shuttle. Not beenset up for years, is completely dismantled and wrapped up, but is complete.
Location: Portland, [more]

October 3   Schacht Baby Wolf with accessories 
Perfect starter set w/ all necessary accessories included for beginning weaver OR a nice supplementa loom for an experienced weaver. Email for a complete list of accessories and [more]

September 29   Seeking Norwood loom crank 
In 1978 my dear grandmother gave me a Norwood loom as a gift when I graduated as a studio arts major I have let go of many things but not my loom. Somehow I have lost the crank In the many moves I have experienced. I am [more]

September 26   Large tapestry loom 
I have a 13ft custom-made tapestry loom for sale that has been my bread and butter for many years. Ihave decided to retire from big commissions and do not have any need for it anymore. It is a magnificent piece of [more]

September 24   ISO Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel 
In search of a Double treadle Lendrum spinning. Willing to pay for shipping.
Location: Ithaca NY [more]

September 15   Kessenich Cherry 42 "8 Shaft Floor Loom 
Great Condition - 8 shaft with sectional beam, shelves, 12 dent ssr, reverse tredles, sliding bench. asking $1,300.
Location: Fort Wayne, [more]

September 14   Harrisville Rug loom 60" 
4 Harness rug loom with warp extender and shaft switching mechanism. Sectional beam and will includewarping tools I use, tensioner and spool holder. Includes extra reed, shuttles, can include pounds of linen. $5000 and [more]

September 14   ISO: Norwood Accessories 
I own a Norwood loom and am looking for Norwood branded accessories to go with it. I'm looking espeially for a cherry boat shuttle and a low threading stool. Fingers crossed!
Location: Benicia, [more]

September 10   Loom and spinning wheel 
Downsizing in-law's home in Becket. Mother-in-law had a loom and spinning wheel, both likely have nt been used in 20+ years, but in very good condition. Pics available upon request. Hoping for $300, or any reasonable [more]

September 7   45" Harrisville Designs Rug Loom w/ Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device. NEW PRICE 
45" Harrisville Designs Rug Loom w/ Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device... I am selling my 45" Harrsville Designs Rug Loom w/ Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device. I purchased this Loom new several years ago. No shipping, [more]

September 7   Gilmore Loom. 
Gilmore loom, approximate 35 years old, excellent condition. Measures 49 1/2 " high, 41 1/2" wide, 4 " when open, 30' when closed, 6 treadles, 4 shafts or harnesses, storage bench, extra accessories, books and yarn. [more]

August 31   Macomber Loom 56 
Ad-A-Harness B4-141. Loom includes boat shuttles, lease sticks, reeds & swords. Sale benefits the Jaksonville Weavers Guild. Asking $2,500. The loom is in great shape and ready to dress.
Location: Jacksonville, [more]

August 29   Macomber B5 Add-A-Harness 42" Loom 
Macomber B5 Add-A-Harness 42" Loom for sale. This is a 10 harness, 16 treadle loom in good working cndition. $1600. I accept Cash, Venmo, or Paypal. No Checks.
Location: Asheville, [more]

August 7   Loose Alpaca, Mohair, Lincoln Longwool 
From my personal stash. Washed/rinsed, picked, combed, and carding (copper alpaca) for $2-$3 per oune. Alpaca: white, grays, copper; variegated mohair, and Lincoln Longwool.
Location: Leander, [more]

July 14   Macomber Add A Harness Loom (56") 
Macomber Looms (2) B4 Macomber Looms For sale $1K - Each B4-2784 B4-600 Buyer to pick up - Loated in Northeast [more]

July 11   45" Harrisville Designs Rug Loom w/ Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device 
I am selling my 45" Harrisville Designs Rug Loom w/ Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device. I purchased his Loom new several years ago. No shipping, pickup from studio. $3600.00.
Location: Santa Fe, [more]

June 28   Looking for Spinning Wheel 
Want to buy spinning wheel for reasonable price.
Location: Crestview, Florida [more]

June 27   Newcomb Studio 4 Harness Counterbalance Loom 
Newcomb Studio Loom,4 Harness, 45" 12 dpi reed, Sectional Warping Beam Counterbalance Loom. Made of aple w/ metal heddles, 6 treadles. Currently dressed for rug making. If your back aches every time you push up that shed [more]

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