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November 18   Loomcraft 8-harness 48 
Solid Cherry Loomcraft 8 harness loom for sale in Twin Cities Metro Area. Purchased in 1980, this lom has been used only once but very well cared for. Delivery available in metro area.
Location: Saint Paul, [more]

November 14   Cranbrook 48" floor loom $1,000 
Complete well-loved Cranbrook weaving Cranbrook weaving studio needs a new home - includes 8 harnss loom, bench, standing warping mill, swifts, raddle, 3 reeds (8, 12 & 15 epi), several shuttles & bobbins, 3 rare [more]

November 7   48 inch, 4 harness Macomber Floor Loom (Model B5 serial # 6133) 
Included with this loom is a bench, several reeds and shuttles and a mess load of cotton warp threadto get you started.
Location: [more]

October 20   seeking Alden Amos & Broken Table Super Slanty Spinning wheels 
My wife wants these 2 spinning wheels. These are bucket list wheels. We live in Indiana but travel t Mn several times per year.
Location: [more]

September 29   60" Cranbrook Loom with all Options 
Well-maintained 60" Schacht Cranbrook loom. 8 shafts, 12 treadles, 3 reeds, double back beam, bench,raddle, tension box, many other [more]

September 20   Reeves spinning wheel 
Rick Reeves upright spinning wheel, oak. Used about twice so it is in perfect condition. $400
Lcation: Jacksonville, [more]

August 29   macomber looms 
twelve foot and four foot looms spool rack warp tensioner etc, used to weave rag rugs.all offers cosidered
Location: nantucket [more]

August 13   13 lbs Rug Weaving Trimming Selvedge 
Cotton Rayon Polyester, fibers in continuous pieces. Navy, Gray, Silver Tan, White. Rolled in>Location: fargo [more]

August 9   8 shaft 50 
Sectional Loom. Comes with matching bench, 5 reeds, Tension Box, Raddle , Lease Sticks, and many hedles.
Location: Thousand Oaks, Southern [more]

August 9   Brother Knitting machine KH230 & KR850 & KR230 
FOR SALE: Rare Brother Knitting machine KH230 MANUALLY OPERATED KH-230 assembled in Japan. AL authentic accessories are in the box. Photo of serial number available. This is in good working condition. A bit of [more]

August 6   For Sale 8 shaft 50 
$1800.00 Sectional Loom. Comes with matching bench, 5 reeds, Tension Box, Raddle , Lease Sticks, ad many heddles. #I85104
Location: Thousand Oaks, Southern [more]

July 31   ISO Baby Wolf floor loom 
I am looking for a Baby Wolf 8 shaft loom hopefully with accessories. Am willing to pick up if in te Northwest or Texas.
Location: Montana [more]

July 16   60" Cranbrook Loom C-6080 
Original owner, 8 harness, 10 treadle countermarch maple Cranbrook Loom with 60" weaving width inclues sectional warp beam, bench, tool shelf, 12 dent reed, purchased new 1984. Excellent condition. This is a very good [more]

July 7   Bexell Cranbrook Loom for Sale 
Cranbrook Loom, 80"W x 60"D x 70"H 6 Shaft, 8 Treadle, 60"W weave area. Has been stored, set up artially for photo, harnesses not hung but are wrapped for moving. [more]

June 7   Gilmore 14-pedal floor loom 
Excellent condition Gilmore 14-treadle floor loom. This size is no longer in production. Approxiately 62" wide and 38" tall. [more]

May 31   ISO Macomber Loom 12 or 16 harness  
I am looking for a 12 or 16 shaft Macomber loom either a 32" or 40" weaving width in VERY GOOD condtion. Located in the South Eastern United [more]

May 12   Cranbrook Weaving Loom J45 
Beautiful Cranbrook Weaving Loom. Counter March system. 8 harness, 10 treadles. Weaving width 46 inces. Bench, reeds & shuttles included. Excellent condition. Located in Ventura County, CA. Pick-up only. [more]

March 3   Macomber Loom 40", 16 Harnesses for Sale 
Macomber loom, jack, 40" weaving width, 16 harnesses, 18 treadles. Folds to 32" deep. The loom is flly assembled and located in home studio. [more]

February 26   J-Made Floor Loom 
J-Made Floor Loom / 6 treadle / 4 harness / counter-marche. The floor loom appears to be constructedfrom an exotic wood such as Koa or Rosewood. We work with a variety of drivers who can deliver this floor loom anywhere [more]

February 22   Free Linus II Loom 
Bought used for $500. My artist son relocated to CA. FREE Must pick up. Very heavy. On second flor.
Location: Atlanta, [more]

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