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August 7   Weaving Loom Schacht Mighty Wolf 
Weaving Loom Schacht Mighty Wolf 36" wide loom Raddle Stroller 3 boat shuttles 16 weaving bobbiSingle end bobbin [more]

July 9   Gorgeous Van Eaton Koa Wood Custom Double Drive Spinning Wheel 
Gorgeous Van Eaton Koa Wood Custom Double Drive Spinning Wheel $1475.00 I am moving overseas andam selling my beautiful Van Eaton. It has 10 custom bobbins and a lazy kate, also in Koa [more]

July 7   4-shaft 36" Schacht Mighty Wolf 
4-shaft 36" Mighty Wolf loom with castle. 10 dent reed, front trap, and raddle included. Pick up oly.
Location: [more]

July 5   60" 16 Harness AVL A-Series Compubobby 
60" 16 Harness AVL A-series Compudobby. Very good condition. Includes overhead beater, single & doube flyboxes, 4 reeds, auto advance, plain & sectional beam, flyshuttle, pirns, tension box, & older computer with [more]

June 4   12 harness, 80 inch weaving width floor loom 
The Elite Loom by LeClerc 12 harnesses, 16 treadles, 80-inchweaving width floor loom. This Elie Loom with fly shuttle boxes by LeClerc was made between 1965 and 1975. It has 12 harnesses or shafts and an 80-inch [more]

May 3   Roving and raw wool for sale reasonable. 
wool roving and raw wool for sale reasonable.
Location: Ohio [more]

March 23   Glimakra 160cm/63" 
Loom has 10 shafts, 10 treadles, 10 upper lamms. Counterbalance beams with 10 shaft drall pulleys. Original string heddles, shaft supports, one reed, Glimakra free standing bench. Built in Sweden between 1976-82. In [more]

January 22   Gorgeous cherry Norwood loom 
Freemont #T4376 4 shafts, 12 dent ss Reed, new chain, solid back beam, crank handle, assorted stick huttles, leese sticks, pick up only.30" Must sacrifice this beauty because of $900 move
Location: Cartersville, [more]

December 5   Leclerc Tapestry Loom for Sale 
60", 2 shaft with beater. 71" high, 20" depth. 200 heddles and a 6 dent reed. $2,000.00
Location:Evergreen, [more]

November 16   Macomber Ad-a-Harness Type B loom 
Original owner. Bought new in 1979. Model B4D, Serial #1401. Comes with all original paperwork. 3500 OBO
Location: Silverton, [more]

November 7   LeClerc 42 Inch Loom 
Nilus LeClerc 42" floor loom, with 4 shafts and 6 treadles. Loom body is 42" and weaving width is 36. The loom is in great vintage condition, works great and has been continuoussly used and tuned up for the past years. I [more]

October 29   Kromski Sonata and accesories 
Everything you need to start spinning! Kromski Sonata traveling spinning wheel. Like new, only useda few [more]

October 22   Clemes & Clemes Modern Spinning Wheel  
Upright castle with a 16" drive wheel, heel-toe single treadle, and is set up with double drive. Theball bearings make treadling this wheel very smooth. Once in motion, the solid hardwood plywood wheel continues to spin [more]

October 21   60 " Cranbrook countermarche Loom 
60" Cranbrook Countermarche loom for sale $2500. Includes 4 reed sizes, weaving bench and some accesories. Updated with worm gear drive, Texslov heddles and new canvas apron.
Location: Holland, [more]

October 5   Mill Shuttle 
Beautiful mill shuttle - 2 ft long. Shipping is extra or can meet you in Waupaca, Appleton, or Stevns Point, WI.
Location: Waupaca, Wisconsin [more]

October 5   Wringer Wash Machine 
Great for washing fiber indoors or outside. Must be picked up.
Location: Waupaca, Wisconsin [more]

September 14   Union Loom  
Clean, 2h, solid maple loom with 12 dent reed and 2 shuttles. Excellent shape. Used for rugs, tapesry, fabrics. $400
Location: south of Indianapolis, [more]

September 5   2022 Cranbrook 48" 8H-12T 
Unique opportunity for a 2022 Schacht Cranbrook Handcrafted Countermarche Loom - perfect condition $900 OBO local pickup. Pictures available upon request.
Location: Sarasota Florida [more]

August 25   Anders Lervad Floor Loom 
Anders Lervad and sons floor loom. This loom is a number 1, large antique loom that will make a 7 fot wide rug. I bought it many years ago with the intention of using it but never had the space to use it. She is all set [more]

August 14   Glimakra Gobelin  
Looking for preferably a table Glimakra Gobelin or Medium floor size.
Location: Houston,Texas [more]

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