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A comprehensive informational site for basketmakers, basket artists, vendors of basketmaking materials and all others interested in the art of basketweaving.

Complex Weavers

Complex Weavers is an international non-profit which maintains an extensive library, numerous study groups, swatch exchanges and stimulating seminars, and newsletters.

Fiber Art Center

The Fiber Art Center opened in 2001 and is the home of the non-profit Foundation for Fiber Art Inc. The Foundation is devoted to promoting an appreciation of fiber art through education, exhibition, and support of fiber artists. The founderís goal was to create an organization devoted solely to fiber art that would provide a comprehensive perspective on the rich and diverse medium of fiber art, with a special focus on weaving.

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc

HGA is a international/national organization of weavers, spinners, dyers, basket and bead weavers, felters and artists; craftswomen and men who work in the fiber arts.

Silk Painters International (SPIN)

SPIN is an international organization of silk artists, painters, practitioners and educators. Our aim is to bring together the silk artists who feel isolated and who can benefit from our organization, to receive our regular Silkworm Newsletter, and to participate in our SPIN festival held every two years. Our goal is to establish silk painting as a recognized art form by encouraging and promoting the collection, displaying and production of silk art at the highest level. Back issues available for a fee.

TAFA: The Textile And Fiber Arts List

TAFA is a membership organization which seeks to expand markets for its members, primarily using social media. Contemporary, traditional, old and new, it has an international and educational focus.

American Crafts Council

The Council is today the leading voice for the crafts in America, celebrating the remarkable achievement of the many gifted artists working in the media of clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood and other materials.

American Kenaf Society

Information about cultivation, processing and marketing kenaf. The AKS holds semi-annual conferences. Areas of interest include: agronomy, biochemistry, harvesting, separation, process engineering, varietal improvement, fabrics, products and economics. Purchase gift cards printed on kenaf paper.

Dallas Area Fiber Guild

The purpose of the Dallas Area Fiber Artists, Inc. is to: Promote and advance fiber art with the education of its members and the public through exhibitions, workshops, wearable art style shows, and educational activities. Promote mutual understanding and cooperation in artistic endeavor among fiber arts organizations. Promote mutual understanding and cooperation in artistic endeavor among Dallas area arts organizations

Ozark Folk Center

The Ozark Folk Center Crafts Village has over 20 artisans demonstrating pioneer crafts and the skills used by Ozark Mountain people in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These skills have become heritage crafts - Basket Weaving, Broom Making, Blacksmithing, Wood Stove Cooking, Pottery, Knife Making, Weaving, Quilting, Wood Carving, Lye Soap Making, Dress Making, Herb Gardening, Coopering, Doll Making, Musical Instrument Construction, the Foot Lathe, Candles and more. Living Histories based on real people who lived in these Southern Ozark Mountains are presented each day; giving a glimpse of life the way it was a hundred years ago.

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