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Shuttles and Spindles Guild

Newark Valley Historical Society, PO Box 222
Newark Valley, New York   13811

Contact Info:
Pamela Mawhiney
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Newark Valley

How to Join:
As a guild within the Newark Valley Historical Society, each active participant is required to become a member of both the Shuttles & Spindles Guild and the Newark Valley Historical Society, submitting respective dues on an annual basis.

2nd Saturday, Jan.-Nov. 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Newark Valley, NY (email for specifics).

Focus Areas:
The purpose of the Shuttles and Spindles Guild is to develop events and activities that perpetuate the skills of spinning, weaving, and other related crafts. While incorporating the past, we seek to embrace the present and future innovations as well as the rich diversity and ethnic aspects of these crafts.

25 members.

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Last updated: Nov 09, 2005

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