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April 1   Newcomb Rug Loom  
Sturdy Newcomb studio rug loom, 4 harness with 48" reed. The loom was altered from a jack to a couter balance loom when a shaft switching mechanism was set up on it. The counter balance set up gives a bigger shed and [more]

March 14   32" Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 
$200 Brand New 32" Ashford rigid heddle loom. Has a dual heddle block if you want to add a second hedle. Email or text.
Location: Seattle, [more]

March 14   45" 1960 LeClerc Fanny  
$1000. 1960 LeClerc Fanny 45" in excellent condition. Original owner recently passed. All original prts, recently cleaned and restored. Dual aprons, 4 shafts. Comes with original bench. Needs new tie-ups, but everything [more]

March 12   Louet Spring Loom  
Louet Spring Loom. 44-inch weaving width, 12 harness, double back beam. Excellent condition - non-moking environment. 10 and 8 dent reeds, 200 extra heddles.
Location: Waynesboro [more]

March 11   Excellent Cherry Norwood floor loom 
40 " weaving width, 8 shaft, 10 treadle CHERRY JACK LOOM, EXCELLENT working condition with bench, etras - used to make scarves, runners, fabric and rag rugs. Can't get this quality any more! $2200 or best [more]

March 2   36" 4-harness Kessenich sectional beam loom 
This loom comes with a bench, a spool holder, side shelves, and shuttles. Made of cherry wood and hevy. Cost: $400. You have to pick up from storage unit in Shreveport or arrange for shipping.
Location: Shreveport, [more]

February 26   Macomber B5 Ad-A-Harness Loom 
Macomber 10 harness, 16 treadle, 42" folding loom. Good working condition. Pickup only. $2000
Lcation: Asheville [more]

February 25   8S Baby Wolf 
8S Baby Wolf Schacht Loom, 12 Dent reed located southern WI northern IL 61060 $1900
Location: W [more]

February 25   Schacht 15" Cricket Loom 
FS 15" Schacht Cricket Loom. Destashing. Great little loom. $150 Plus shipping to your zip>Location: SE [more]

February 17   16 Shaft, 40"AVL mechnical dobby 
16 Shaft, 40" AVL mechnical dobby with fly shuttle attachments. $3500
Location: Napa, CA [more]

German made spinning wheel, single treadle, old new stock, from the 1980s, one never used in origina box, one used for display, one for demos with some treadle finish wear, $400, $385, $365
Location: [more]

February 12   FS AVL Automatic bobbin winder 
FS Avl automatic bobbin winder asking $2500 (new 3858.50) plus shipping from 48178. This is heavy, aound 60lb or so. Just got a new belt and works fine. I just find myself using my little bobbin winder as that one is next [more]

February 10   8 Harness 40" Gilmore Floor Loom  
A beautiful 8 harness, 12 treadle hard maple loom with 40"weaving width. Of Eastern hard maple, the oom includes a sectional back beam, 12 dpi reed, probably 2000+ heddles, lease sticks and a raddle. $450.
Location: [more]

February 4   Norm Hall Mariah wheel in cherry 
Norm Hall #17 Mariah Spinning well in cherry. I just spoke with Norm and he is NOT doing shows anymoe with the 2 plus years wait he's ready to retire. The new wheels are going for $5000. So why wait ! Here is a chance to [more]

January 31   Schacht Floor Loom - 45" 
This beautiful 8-shaft loom is in pristine condition - no dust or rust. I've only been able to use i once. Looking for $3,000, purchased for [more]

January 25   50" 4 Harness Norwood Loom 
Loom is located about 70 miles south of St. Louis, MO. Willing to deliver within a 2 hour radius. Lom fits through a 28" doorway by folding up and partial disassembly. Original bench and extras included. Please email any [more]

January 14   Gilmakra Regina Tapestry/Rug Loom 
Must part with my Regina Tapestry loom 60 Inch wide weaving space. Excellent loom. I've loved it. $100.00. Pick Up Only.
Location: Central [more]

January 6   Canadian Production Wheel 
Antique Canadian Production spinning wheel in working condition. Double drive band. One bobbin inclued. Finish has been restored. For experienced spinners.
Location: Cincinnati, [more]

December 23   Louet spinning wheel and accessories 
Louet spinning wheel, two spindles, skeen winder and carders. Bonus of beautiful hand made basket ad fine llama wool. All used very little, excellent condition. $450 plus shipping.
Location: Waco, [more]

December 19   Louet Megado 
Louet Megado 130 (52") 32 shaft New Electronic Dobby 2.0 in excellent condition - well maintaine [more]

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