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October 17   Ashford lace flyer 
Ashford lace flyer kit, includes ball bearings, 15, 20, 30 & 40:1 ratios. $125 includes shipping.Location: Seattle, [more]

October 16   Miscelaneous Rovings for sale 
A variety of Merino wool, silk, and other _ in new condition. How I loved to spin and weave! at prsent I am looking for a new home for these treasures. Asking $50.00 plus shipping [more]

October 13   Ashford Country Spinner  
I am searching for an Ashford Country Spinner in good working order. Perhaps you are not using her a much as you thought you would? I will give her a new firever home and show her a lot of love.
Location: West [more]

October 12   Original Patrick Green Supercarder  
Original Patrick Green Supercarder with accessories. This highly coveted Cadillac of motorized tripl drum carders is top of the line. Hard to find and much sought after, this motorized triple drum carder is in like new [more]

October 9   Need to rent wheels January 2020 
Do you have a wheel to rent for the month of January (2020)? I teach a dozen Colby College studentshandspinning for their January Program course. We treat our wheels lovingly and they are kept in a locked room. [more]

October 8   Original Cranbrook Countermarche Loom 
4 harnesses, perfect working condition, 66" fabric on roller, no rust, quality maple, patent issue dte 1942, J.P.Bexell & Son authenticity label, $2,950.
Location: New [more]

October 3   Norwood 4 harness 
Beautiful vintage Norwood loom made of cherry wood. The Cadillac of four harness floor looms, this mdel is not just beautiful, but functional. 48" weaving width, folds to smaller footprint for storage and transport. Comes [more]

October 2   1890 Walking Wheel 
1890 Walking Wheel works great! Can provide alpaca fleece if desired.
Location: Ravensdale, WA [more]

September 30   32" Macomber Loom, 12 shaft, $2,100 
For sale: Macomber Loom with 32" weaving width and 12 shafts/14 treadles. This loom is in very good ondition. Recently deep cleaned and rejuvenated with reconditioned and new parts from Macomber. Rear-hinged treadles make [more]

September 30   FS: 40" Macomber Loom, 16s/18t, $2,350 
For Sale: Macomber loom with 40" weaving width, 16 shafts and 18 treadles for $2,350. This loom is n great condition. The loom has just been deep cleaned and rejuvenated with some new parts. Rear-hinged treadles make [more]

September 19   LeClerc 36" Artisat loom 
LeClerc 36" Artisat loom. 4 harness, 6 treadle, Excellent condition. Colorado. $1000. Will ship at atual cost or meet buyer part-way.
Location: Western [more]

September 11   Columbine wheel 
Bright yellow Columbine wheel with 3 spools and lazy Kate. She's a great wheel I just don't use her nymore. $600
Location: Citrus springs Fl [more]

September 11   Jensen Spinning Wheel 
Jensen solid cherry spinning wheel, hand made by the craftsman and one of a kind, and marked JMT OOP No. 12. Workmanship is fabulous and spins wonderfully. Has a double drive and scotch tension, double treadle and four [more]

September 11   Warping wheel 
Warping wheel for weaving. Good condition. Asking $100.
Location: Medina, OH [more]

September 9   For sale, LeClerc 60" loom 
LeClerc 60" Nilus counterbalance floor loom with storage bench, 4 harness, assorted sized extra reed, boat shuttles, bobbins, lease sticks. $800 or offers. Pick up, cash or PayPal only.
Location: [more]

September 6   Glimakra Countermarche Standard loom 
$3800 10 shafts, 12 treadles 120cm (59") weaving width Double warp beams, second with sectional a3 reeds: sizes 8, 10, [more]

August 21   Roberts Manufacturing sewing/serger table 
A Deluxe sewing/serger table Corner model, left back 48", right back 56", depth 17", height 30" $200
Location: Parker [more]

August 16   50" Norwood Loom and Accesssories 
50" Norwood Loom, Solid Cherry, 4 Harness, 6 Treadle with Chain Tie-ups, Sectional Beam, Approx. 830Round Wire Heddles + an Extra 1050 Flat Steel Heddles, along with Custom Made Loom Bench, Approx. 34w x 12d x 22h, Open [more]

August 10   Schacht 45" Maple High Castle Floor Loom  
Weaving Studio Package (used, very good condition) $2,200: This studio includes all you need tostart weaving or upgrade your equipment. This is available at less than half the price of new items and is all in very [more]

August 7   Bill Walling Floor Loom 
Walling Floor Loom 4H/6T (36"weaving width) Made by Bill Walling includes Cam-Action; tension brak; sectional warp beam; used for scarves, table runners, towels, blankets, tapestry and rugs. A sturdy loom. [more]

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