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August 21   Roberts Manufacturing sewing/serger table 
A Deluxe sewing/serger table Corner model, left back 48", right back 56", depth 17", height 30" $200
Location: Parker [more]

August 16   50" Norwood Loom and Accesssories 
50" Norwood Loom, Solid Cherry, 4 Harness, 6 Treadle with Chain Tie-ups, Sectional Beam, Approx. 830Round Wire Heddles + an Extra 1050 Flat Steel Heddles, along with Custom Made Loom Bench, Approx. 34w x 12d x 22h, Open [more]

August 10   Schacht 45" Maple High Castle Floor Loom  
Weaving Studio Package (used, very good condition) $2,200: This studio includes all you need tostart weaving or upgrade your equipment. This is available at less than half the price of new items and is all in very [more]

August 7   Bill Walling Floor Loom 
Walling Floor Loom 4H/6T (36"weaving width) Made by Bill Walling includes Cam-Action; tension brak; sectional warp beam; used for scarves, table runners, towels, blankets, tapestry and rugs. A sturdy loom. [more]

August 7   Harrisville 4 shaft 36 inches 
Loom is in perfect working condition. Comes with 3 stainless steel reeds (8, 10, 12), a storage boxon the castle, and approximately 400 heddles. $450.
Location: Little Silver, [more]

August 7   Horizontal Warping Mill 
Custom horizontal warping mill for weaving. Adjustable length warps, accommodates very long warps; vry comfortable to use; folds flat for wall storage; approximately 50" tall X 56" wide. Kept in smoke-free environment. [more]

August 2   Newcomb Studio Loom 
Newcomb Studio Loom width: , harnesses: Santa Fe, NM $1 Adequate Newcomb Studio Loom warp beam crank Studio Loom warp beam brake release [more]

August 1   Cherry Norwood Loom 
50", 4 shaft Norwood Loom Extras: Reeds 6&10, Shuttles: 2 stick, 2 rug, 1 pick-up stick, 1 spindle. extra eye heddles. 4 harness, 6 treadle, multiple tie-up system, counterbalance, folding floor loom, solid cherry in [more]

July 30   Glimakra Glimakra Band Loom 
Glimakra width: , harnesses: Middlefield, OH $1 Good In search of a used Glimakra band loom with wooen or aluminum ratchet system I'm not interested in the newer model which has black stamped [more]

July 30   Norwood (original) Loom 
Norwood (original) width: 40, harnesses: 4 Burnsville, NC $650 Excellent Cherry Norwood Jack Loom wih Matching Bench. 4 shafts, 6 treadles, sectional beam, original tieup chains, steel heddles, raddle, lease sticks, and [more]

July 29   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc width: 36", harnesses: 8 Carlinville, Illinois $500 Very Good 1981 Nilus Leclerc 36 inch weaing width. Included with the loom is 3 shuttles, 3 reeds (5,8, & 12 dent) as well as warping board. I am the third owner [more]

July 28   Louet Loom 
Louet width: 35 inches/90cm, harnesses: 8 Glens Falls, NY $8000 New Louet Octado with Computer Dobby Sectional beam & Bench-New- $10k value. Purchased in 9/2018. Buyer pick up [more]

July 26   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc width: 36, harnesses: 4 Manhattan,NY $850 Needs Work The loom was deep cleaned from layers o dust and is priced to include cost of new/never used heddles($52), 12 dent reed ($102), break circle & spring ($43) boat [more]

July 24   Dutch Spinning Wheel 
Dutch width: , harnesses: Columbus, Indiana $380 Excellent Wonderfully conceived saxony spinning whel with accessories by Dutch wheel builder Merkelbach. Has a single treadle, four wooden bobbins, a skein winder on the [more]

July 24   J-Made Loom 
J-Made width: 60", harnesses: 12 Dover, Indiana 47022 $2400 Excellent Beautiful loom in great conditon. Loom comes with 12 shafts (but all don't need to be installed). Includes 4 stainless steel reeds, 1 raddle, 1 [more]

July 24   Rick Reeves Spinning Wheel 
Rick Reeves width: , harnesses: Evansville, WI $900 Excellent De-stashing my wheels. I bought this weel in about 1990 or thereabouts - before Rick sold to Schacht. It was one of the last group of wheels he made "in house" [more]

July 23   dorset Loom 
dorset width: 23, harnesses: 4 Kerrville, Texas $500 Excellent Lovely mini loom for those who want te capabilities of 4 harness without a huge footprint. Comes with three reeds of different dent width and extra heddles. [more]

July 23   Norwood Loom 
Norwood width: 48 inches, harnesses: 4 Kerrville, Texas $1000 Very Good Cherry loom, 4 harness, 48 ich weaving width with extra reed, sectional warp, and other extras. Good shape, delivery available within 100 [more]

July 22   J-Made Loom 
J-Made width: 60", harnesses: 12 Guilford, Indiana $2400 Excellent Beautiful loom in great condition Loom comes with 12 shafts (but all don't need to be installed). Includes 4 stainless steel reeds, 1 raddle, 1 standard [more]

July 20   LeClerc Colonial Loom 
LeClerc Colonial loom excellent for rugs. 4 shafts with 6 treadles and a weaving width of 60 inches.Approximately 1000 inserted eye heddles. One 5 dent reed is included. The warp beam is large and strong and will not [more]

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