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December 3   Pristine Norwood Loom 
Cherry Norwood 4 harness folding loom. Model #430. Will fit through a standard inside doorway. 30" waving width. Stainless steel reed. Includes bench and warping material. Also includes 20+ cones of cotton yarn, mostly [more]

December 1   4-harness Gilmore Loom 32" weaving width 
Gilmore Loom-EXCELLENT condition! 4-harness I'm throwing in two extra reeds ordinarily sold separaely for $100 [more]

November 14   Cone yarn for sale 
I have (literally) a truckload of cone thread. Anything from silk, wool, cotton, designer, etc. Wepurchased anew home and I have NO room! Cones start at $5.
Location: Maumee, Ohio [more]

November 11   40" Norwood Wanted 
40" 8 Shaft Norwood Cherry loom wanted.
Location: WI/IA/IL [more]

November 10   48" Norwood Loom 
This is a beautiful Norwood 48" loom made in Fremont Michigan. Everything is included, a complete se-up. Cherry wood throughout, including the original bench. I am asking $1200.
Location: Edgecomb [more]


November 2   Schacht 46" Cherry Floor Loom and Bench 
For your consideration is this absolutely beautiful Schacht Cherry high is castle floor loom. Thi loom has everything a weaver would ever need and is a piece of art at a cost well below a similar new loom (new loom [more]

October 28   Macomber 6Harness 20"Loom for Sale 
Macomber 6 harness,8 treadle folding loom. 20" weaving width,10 and 15" reed. A great workshop loom s it folds to fit into the car. Nice condition. $400
Location: [more]

October 28   Wanted:large rug loom 
Veteran, looking for loom large enough to create at least 12'X 14' rugs, Navajo and knotted weaving New veteran owned [more]

October 22   4S Baby Wolf Floor Loom 
Schacht Baby Wolf floor loom on stroller wheels. 4 shafts, 6 treadles, 400 inserted eye heddles, a 0-dent reed, 26" weaving width. $1200. Pick-up in Boston, MA.
Location: Boston, [more]

October 22   Contramarche Floor Loom 
Free disassembled Contramarche Floor Loom, custom made in Berkeley in 1971. Similar to the Woolery' Glimpka [more]

October 22   contramarche loom 
Free contramarche loom, disassembled. Similar to the Glimpka on Woolery. Custom made in Berkeley i [more]

October 21   Fricke Electric Skein Winder 
Fricke Adjustable Arm Electric Skein Winder. Makes up to a 2 yard skein. Adjustable speed so you canstart slow and speed up as desired. 200.00 Runs good.
Location: Long Beach peninsula [more]

October 21   Louet S 10 Spinning Wheel  
Used Louet S 10 for sale. Frame is older and I've added a new flyer, 3 regular bobbins, drive band, azy Kate and footman. 398.00
Location: Long Beach peninsula [more]

October 20   Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom/Warping Frame 
For Sale: Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom/Warping Frame (circa 1980s) - Floor standing inkle loom and 10yard warping frame. Includes booklet with instructions for assembly and use, 6-inch flat shuttle, and metal shelf [more]

October 17   Ashford lace flyer 
Ashford lace flyer kit, includes ball bearings, 15, 20, 30 & 40:1 ratios. $125 includes shipping.Location: Seattle, [more]

October 16   Miscelaneous Rovings for sale 
A variety of Merino wool, silk, and other _ in new condition. How I loved to spin and weave! at prsent I am looking for a new home for these treasures. Asking $50.00 plus shipping [more]

October 13   Ashford Country Spinner  
I am searching for an Ashford Country Spinner in good working order. Perhaps you are not using her a much as you thought you would? I will give her a new firever home and show her a lot of love.
Location: West [more]

October 12   Original Patrick Green Supercarder  
Original Patrick Green Supercarder with accessories. This highly coveted Cadillac of motorized tripl drum carders is top of the line. Hard to find and much sought after, this motorized triple drum carder is in like new [more]

October 9   Need to rent wheels January 2020 
Do you have a wheel to rent for the month of January (2020)? I teach a dozen Colby College studentshandspinning for their January Program course. We treat our wheels lovingly and they are kept in a locked room. [more]

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