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July 20   LeClerc Colonial Loom 
LeClerc Colonial loom excellent for rugs. 4 shafts with 6 treadles and a weaving width of 60 inches.Approximately 1000 inserted eye heddles. One 5 dent reed is included. The warp beam is large and strong and will not [more]

July 17   Fricke S-160-DT 
Never used, double treadle spinning wheel, adj. scotch tension, 17Inch diameter. Including 4 lg bobins, instructional dvds, 2 books, and some roving yarn.
Location: South Hills Area [more]

July 17   Macomber 16 Harness Loom 
16 Harness, 18 Treadle Macomber Jack Floor Loom. Flat steel heddles. 42" Weaving width. Cloth beams ront and back. 10" reed included. Workhorse loom, rugs, blankets, lace, overshot! $1900.
Location: Manchester, [more]

July 15   Macomber 8-Harness Loom 
APT.-SIZED Type B Folding: 40" weaving width; plain warp beam; ratchet brake; 2 cloth aprons; ?10 teadles; lots of heddles; 5 reeds, bench. (can add 2 harnesses & 2nd beam) ?($4417 value) Asking $3400
Location: [more]

July 10   8 Harness 12 pedal 45" weaving Loom 
Gilmore 8 Harness 12 Pedal loom. Back beam is an added bonus. There is an added shelf on top to lay arn and shuttles. Comes with 2 Metal Reeds, 1 raddle, over 700 metal heddles, Gilmore bench, and a few other odds and [more]

July 5   Kessenich loom for sale 
I inherited Mom's Kessenich 4-foot, 6 pedal and 4 Harness floor loom. She got it in the mid-sixties long with accessories from the Kessenich company, which is still located in the Milwaukee area. She used it until around [more]

July 2   Swivel Spinning Seats 
4 brand new oak swivel seats for sale. These swivel seats are great for working at a loom or at a spnning wheel. You sit down and then can swivel into position. [more]

June 30   Leclerc Nilus II 60" 4 Harness Jack LOOM plus accessories 
Leclerc Nilus II 4 harness loom, 60" weaving width in great working order, non smoking home. Include raddle, 2 reeds, wire heddles, 2 aprons, owners manual, 70 shuttles, tapestry beater, custom bench, 2 heddle hooks, and [more]

June 26   Gilmore Maple Floor Loom  
4 harness 10 treadle . Dimensions: 48"L x 34"D x 38"H. It has a 40" Weaving width and in great condiion. 800 Flat stainless steel heddles. Open beam. Reed is 15 dpi. This is very sturdy non-folding, well-made loom. [more]

June 7   FS: Louet Hollandia Loom, 8s/12t,, 51 
FS: Louet Hollandia Loom, 8s/12t, $2,100 Newly restored Louet Hollandia floor loom that is in grea condition. The loom is a parrallel countermarch for easy treadling and has 8 shafts, 12 treadles (only 10 currently [more]

June 3   New Great Price/Fiber and Spinning Wheel for Sale 
Slightly used Spinning Wheel, used for Model Home Décor. I showed it to ladies who spin in te Goochland/Powhatan area. They said they would buy it if I decided to sell it, but I cannot find their name. It is in [more]

June 3   Production Dobby Loom 
Mechanical Dobby system with 16 Harnesses Weaving Width: 48″ (1.22m), Sectional and standard arp beams Bottom Swing beater Double-box fly shuttle systems and raddle Automatic Cloth Advance and Storage system. [more]

June 2   Ashford Loom 
Ashford width: 16", harnesses: 8 Swanton, Vermont $600 Excellent Like new -- used once. Extra heddle-- at least a hundred. Since I had a stroke, my left hand no longer works well enough to weave. This a good deal on this [more]

May 30   Glimakra Loom 
Glimakra width: 47", harnesses: 4 Boston, MA $2300 Very Good Glimakra Standard 4 Harness loom countemarche loom for sale. This loom is in great condition and has the option to add 4 more shafts, making it 8H. Comes with [more]

May 30   LeClerc Loom 
LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Boston, MA $600 Good Leclerc Nilus 45" 4H loom in good used conditin. Downsizing my loom collection. I'm the second owner of this loom, which I have had for the past 7 years. Comes with [more]

May 29   150 cm Toika Liisa 8S 
Toika Liisa 8S, 150 cm loom in great condition for sale in CT. Loom comes with a bench, 100 texsol heddles for each harness, texsolv tie ups for lamms and treadles. Asking $1500.
Location: CT River, [more]

May 29   Babywolf with baby stroller 
Baby wolf 26" wiwidth with stroller.Assorted equipment imcluded. . Warping loom also available
Lcation: Camdenton, [more]

May 29   Countermarche Floor loom 
Countermarche Floor loom, 4 harness, Sectional Warp, 44 weave width, 3-reed sizes, Bench, I hand mad a Tensioner box and spool rack. The loom doesnt have name plate or S/N but has been identified by owner of same loom as [more]

May 29   Union 36 Floor Loom 
Union 36 Floor Loom 2 Harness .12 dent reed,sectional beam.No bench.Original user manual. Pick up ony inSpokane, Washington.$150 Please contact BJ [more]

May 28   Ashford Elizabeth 2 spinning wheel - price reduced  
Gently used 24" wheel, walnut finish. Includes 3 extra bobbins, 1 36" nitty noddy and 1 18" nitty nddy, 2 8"wool carders, bag of sheep wool. More photos available upon [more]

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