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March 6, 2018
Glimakra Std 135 CM (54")... 
For Sale : Glimakra Standard 135 CM (54") Countermarch Loom 8 Harness, 10 Treadle 46" Bench 8, 12 , 18 dent reeds Shaft Holderss (4 H and 8 Harness) Shaft Pins (4 H and 8 H) Texsolv heddles and Texsolv cords for treadle tie-ups 2 Glimakra lease sticks Raddle made to fit the loom 3 handmade lease sticks Joanne Hall Tying up the Countermarch Loom Book Mallet Treadle cord threading Tool Rubber feet Vavstuga Tie-up Kit There are 4 extra jacks, 2 extra long lamms, extra set of Rubber feet 2 extra Frame Wedges 2 extra Ratchet Pawls
Location: Orlando, FL
      Glimakra Std 135 CM (54")...

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