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November 7, 2018
Fireside Loom... 
Fireside Weave Width:48" Shafts:8 outside Frederick, Maryland $3000 Excellent Cherry, built in 2002. Originally over $7,000. Features: 8s, 12t, double back beam, 2 warp beams, commuter bench, cloth beam apron, beater weight for rugs, 8 dpi SS reed, raddle, lease sticks, tie-on rods, and manual. Worm drive tension for fine adjustment on the cloth beam. The loom weaves beautiful lace but is sturdy for rugs. Breast beam lifts off and the double back beam folds for access. Carvings on beater are seashells, starfish, and a crab. Sturdy loom with the quality craftsmanship.
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