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March 11, 2018
4-Shaft Kessenich Floor Loom... 
For Sale: Solid 60's-era Kessenich loom, 46" red oak, fully restored in 2012. (New owner can re-stain "x" frame if desired. I have both stain and paint.) #6 and #15 reeds, almost 1,700 Texsolv heddles, Texsolv tie-ups, canvas aprons, 4 steel rods (for high tension projects), rag shuttle, and oak bench with built-in cone holder and storage. Kessenich looms are heavy yet versatile, weaving fine fabrics to rugs. One small cosmetic repair to the back beam; a few scratches on the shuttle race; otherwise, very fine condition. Selling after acquiring a larger loom. The Kessenich is currently folded, but may still need some disassembly to transport. Pick-up in Door County, WI by mid-May. May is our "Season of Blossoms," a second great reason to make the trip! $700
Location: Door County, WI
Phone: 630-842-7869
      4-Shaft Kessenich Floor Loom...

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